Unbearable! Photographer Drops Canon 70-200mm Lens Into Polar Bear Tank

Unbearable! Photographer Drops Canon 70-200mm Lens Into Polar Bear Tank

There are times I have described the images taken with the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens as scrumptious, but I was referring to the images, not the lens itself! German Photographers Marion and Dieter were taking pictures of a polar bear exhibit on a recent visit, and spotted Felix the Polar Bear enjoying an Image-Stabilized treat. How ironic is it that they were shooting with Nikons?

More images can be found on their fotocommunity pages.

[Photos credit: Marion and Dieter]
[via Peta Pixel]

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I like the tossing images the best. The bear is like this is not edible bull shyt. Lmao Maybe phaseone can use this to test their new phaseone medium format back for durability and polar bear approval. The last time  they use an elephant and a  jeep to test the ruggedness / strength of their medium format backs. Phaseone I want bear approval before I go medium format. lol

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now that's awesome!
and yet so sad... Hope he had insurance that covered that loss...
lol the one (bottom right) with the bear sniffing it like it's some kind of cigar or something is priceless...

Sad.. the lens would have been protected if it had a proper UV filter on it.... such a shame...

Filters would not protect against such damage. I hate it when people use the filter argument all the time! had it been equipped with a hood and carbon fiber stickers it would of been unharmed 100%



hahahaha... oh goodness...

9 out of 10 polar bears prefer Canon.

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Bro, that's a Canon, what are you talking, 10 out of 10 polar bears prefer Nikon ^_^

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burst out laughin when i saw this.... bye bye 2.8 :-) hello kit lens for a while

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So is this what happens when you don't use a Polar-rising Filter? 

 Zing !

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 Ba Boom!

I wish I would have said that....can't top it.

I have read this comment a dozen times, and laughed every single time, it's perfect!

It's fine. Just throw it in a bag with some rice to suck out the moisture and it'll be as good as new!

I always thought that telephoto L glass was obnoxiously "hey look at me!!!" in that shade of white.. apparently the polar bear thought so too!

 If you've ever shot on a bright sunny day when the temperature is 100+ degrees Fahrenheit you'll appreciate the white lens. The larger the lens, the more sunlight (heat) falls on it.

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Now an upgrade to the mark II version of this lens can be justified.

I bet it was still working only if you dry it out it's Canon...

Shooting with Nikons... haaa. haha... hahhh... HaaaahhaHHAA... HAHAHAHA.... MUUUHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is that a camera body on the ledge in the last two pictures?

oh noes

last photo is totally MEME worthy!! .. just sayn.

He was probably thinking it was a Coke. . . 

Best ad ever for Canon if it still operates..

Biggest question: Does it still work?!

My question is HOW did the polar bear get the lens? O_o

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