Unique Landscape Images Lightpainted By Natural Forces

Unique Landscape Images Lightpainted By Natural Forces

London-based photographer Joel James Devlin created a series of images he titled "Light Waves and Dark Currents", and for the ones posted here, Joel took a colored LED light and placed it into water, leaving his camera to fire 40-minute exposures. The result are these moving, naturally occurring light patterns that reveal the natural movement of the elements by simply pushing the light around.

To see the rest of his series, including some stunning images that were shot of planes passing overhead, head on over to Joel James Devlin's portfolio site.

[via Feature Shoot]

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Wow did he use a black hole for an ND filter ?

pretty cool

Seriously, how many ND filters did he need to stack to get a 40min exposure?  Or do you think he stacked a bunch of shorter exposures?

How does he not get a bunch of cmos noise?

Looks like some were shot at night due to the star trails.

looks like they were shot at night... notice star trails. Plus, the LED wouldn't show up during the day as well....

@facebook-149200689:disqus : I've fired exposures as long as 5h without ND, and it worked :)

Jens Marklund's picture

Kinda like them more without the led