What Chernobyl Looks Like Almost Three Decades Later...

What Chernobyl Looks Like Almost Three Decades Later...

Photographer Sergei Gaschak photographed an area deemed uninhabitable to humans: the Chernobyl disaster's 'fallout zone.' While a few people do still choose to live there, animals are more known to have inhabited the area, unaware, obviously, of the radiation that they expose themselves to. Still, few abnormalities seem to form in these animals, apparently, despite the few examples of albino spots and some more serious effects on various swallows.

Gaschak took these photographs with some camera 'traps' that you can see in a photo below. In the last image, you can see Gaschak himself planning a shot. What do you think? Would you go in that area to take photos? Would you go back to live there as some have?

Read more at Slate.com or Independent.co.uk.

chernobyl 4

chernobyl 2

chernobyl 3

chernobyl 1

chernobyl 5

chernobyl 6

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That's awesome! I'd love to go and take photos, i wouldn't stay too long, but I'd go for sure!

That wolf is amazing. Yeah, coming from Detroit, lived there for 23 years, I'd love to visit Chernobyl.

well then you are contaminated already....

I'd go.

Radiation sickness is not fun, trust me, I've lived through it. I wouldn't go within a hundred miles of that place, too many bad memories.. 

Contamination is blown out of proportion and totally exaggerated in the media. Of course it's not a location suited for children and young people but it doesn't do any harm to grown ups except if someone feeds on mushrooms most of the time.
That said it is not the ultimate deterrent example many people where hoping for as is not Fukushima.
I'd go there every time contrary to I'd never want to live in Beijing for a longer period of time.

we are all happy when you go there.....

Oh just STFU...

 This is not a Blog for Teenagers, nor for their language.
The above is totally correct. The direct location around the reactor is a total different topic and lethal, but the surrounding nature can be visited without any harm or contamination, if you do not exactly LIFE  and nourish from there over a longer period. Whats wrong with you people using that kind of language all the time, and to a complete stranger, too?


Stunning photographs but why the angled horizon? Big distraction.

It's canted.

dutch tilt?

Was expecting to see ghost-town pictures from the title.

I grew up in Belarus, less than 200 km from Chernobyl.  I live in the US now, but the consequences of radiation exposure caught up with me 20 years later.  I went back to Chernobyl in 2006 to work on a photo documentary for a non-profit organization.  I have a few photos on my website:  http://wideopenlens.com/blog/325-2/

Your work is beautiful! I really liked it. An opinion: I think you have very powerful images there and a lot of unnecessary ones, try leaving only the ones that speak for themselves.