X-Ray Photographs Provide a Glimpse into the Complexity of Nature

X-Ray Photographs Provide a Glimpse into the Complexity of Nature

Dutch physicist Arie van’t Riet’s X-ray photography gives us an alternative view of nature, allowing us to glimpse the internal complexity of plants and animals in their natural habitats. Van’t Riet colorizes parts of his photographs in Photoshop to create final products that give viewers a sense of the subjects’ natural colors.

Van’t Riet specialized in radiation physics, and uses his knowledge of X-ray photography to capture lifelike scenes of nature; “a fish in the ocean, a mouse in the field, a heron along the riverside…and so on.” Calling his finished pieces “bioramas”, van’t Riet says he enjoys “looking with X-ray eyes to nature.”










Van’t Riet sells his work on his website in the form of prints and shadow lanterns, created from the film from his X-ray photographs.
Via Lost at E Minor

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Patrick Hall's picture

Anyone know how he pulled this off? I've had a few x-ray photo project ideas for years but never thought they could become a reality. This is really awesome

Mike Levad's picture

Patrick, you should get in touch with my good friend, Hugh Turvey. http://www.gustoimages.com/portfolio/x-ray/ We did an X-ray photography kids book together for the ipad called X is for X-ray. Hugh is the artist in residence for the British Radiological Society. He is based in the UK and just had a huge show at the OXO building. http://www.xogram.com/index.html. He is also a great guy and I am sure would be happy to answer any questions you have. Tell him Mike Levad sent you.

Andrew Sible's picture

So were the animals he imaged still alive? seems odd to irradiate an animal just for the sake of art, no? neat stuff though.

Mr Blah's picture

We irradiate humans for the sake of safety in every freaking airport...

Their doses are probably less than you will get during your lifespan of traveling/medical exams, etc...

don't worry too much! ;)

Andrew Sible's picture

nah not worried I've had xrays and know where they're used. I still felt it a bit odd, and was just curious how it was achieved.

Courtney's picture

Oh my