The Anti-Airbrush: What Celebrities Might Look Like as "Normal" People

The Anti-Airbrush: What Celebrities Might Look Like as "Normal" People

Yahoo put up this little piece in which they photoshopped celebrities to look like your average Joe. Some of these are quite over the top...but can you blame them? Someone had to do it. And they're even asking for suggestions as for what stars to do next in their comments section!!!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Scarlett Johansson

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Anniston (What!?)



Gwyneth Paltrow

Jay-Z and Beyonce
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Original and funny... but not the best photoshop we've seen here... not that I could do better...

Jay-Z already an average Joe ? =)

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haha these are brilliant!

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Very clever idea :) and pulled of pretty well.

Hehe.. very amusing. :)

Check out Madge...Hilarious

Madonna pic doesn't look as if it's been photoshopped.

that was great, scarlett is a bit out of axis anyway

Lol... am I the only one who finds the idea that "average joe" means "overweight and unattractive" a little demeaning? As if hollywood and music stars are that far above everyone else?

Yes I'm reading too far into this, what of it? :-P

madonna is the best

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Madonna. That is SO what the old hag really looks like. And Jolle w/o all her collagen. 

holycrap this is funny, warning do not drink while watching