AP Photographer Attacked After Super Bowl

While the Eagles' Super Bowl win over the Patriots was certainly a joyous occasion for the city, the night was not without a negative side, as some reports of looting, vandalism, and assaults came out of the city. One of the assault victims was an AP photographer.

Philadelphia police arrested Mark Thompson, 28, on a charge of aggravated assault, after alleging that he attacked an unnamed 41-year-old male AP photographer near City Hall during the celebration last Sunday after the Eagles' Super Bowl win. Police witnessed the assault and arrested Thompson at approximately 2:10 a.m. 

Police say the photographer was attacked after telling Thompson he was too busy working to stop to talk with him. Thompson then allegedly punched the photographer multiple times and struck him in the face with his own camera, leaving him with cuts, bruises, and further injuries. There's no word on the photographer's current condition. It's a very unfortunate turn of events on an otherwise generally happy occasion, and we certainly hope the photographer heals quickly. 

Lead image by Scott Davidson, used under Creative Commons.

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dam Nikon vs Canon again.

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Why use a Yashicamat if you have an RB67 Pro SD at hand ? :D

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He definitely wouldn't survive the Texas Leica!

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Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.