Apple Aperture Is Discontinued While Moment Pro Sees New Tools Added

Apple Aperture Is Discontinued While Moment Pro Sees New Tools Added

Sad news for those using Apple Aperture to edit their photographs; meanwhile camera app Moment Pro, available both on iOS and Android, receives an update with improved tools. 

Although Apple Aperture, a photo editing and management software for macOS users, has been discontinued since 2014, it was still used and enjoyed by plenty. Digital Camera World reports that although software updates had become less of a priority to Apple as the time went on, nevertheless Apple Aperture contained features that some may point out Lightroom is still lacking, such as the inability to combine folders and collections as one organizational system. Unfortunately, Apple is now completely axing it by no longer supporting the photo editor with the upcoming versions of macOS and macOS Mojave.

If you currently use Apple Aperture, Apple offers you the option to migrate your libraries to Apple's own Photos app or even to Adobe Lightroom Classic. The latter, however, has recently received backlash in the community by running tests of an increased subscription fee for certain users, which may turn away potential new customers looking for alternatives to Apple Aperture. Luckily, there are several other photo editing software alternatives available on the market. 

Editing and file management aside, Moment Pro has added new tools to its photo and video camera app, for example, focus peaking and warnings when you clip your shadows or highlights. Certain features are only available to iOS devices, however, such as different color profiles, dual-channel audio meter, full control over video quality by altering your bitrates, and a few others. You can view a fully detailed description of Moment Pro features here. Have you already tried it yourself?

Lead image by Kevin Ku on Unsplash, used under Creative Commons.

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I have the raw app and it sucks, does not ready raw Fujifilm, limited function. Not saying you are not please, I have he new Ipad, so slow to render any large jpeg file. Then when I bought , all these extra “stuff to buy if you want “this or that? Misleading advertising I say is my rant for the day

Sorry about that. To me it looks like a capable raw processor on the Mac. You know it uses Apples raw engine so if Apple does not support a camera this will not.
Its made by someone who used to work on Aperture.

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Yes I found out after my rant. By bad. Boo apple

Apple Aperture for MacOS discontinued;
Moment Pro, for iOS and Android, receives an update

The only question remains - how these events are related (except you need to trick Google News algorithm) ?

"Digital Camera World reports that although software updates had become less of a priority to Apple as the time went on,"

So they discontinued it but kept updating it? Is that a thing? That seems like the opposite of discontinuing something.

Apple continued to provide driver support for new camera's long after they quit developing the app.

Certainly decent of them but that is the kind of thing that would incentivise people to continue using a product despite it being discontinued.

Helpful information, but I confess that I have no idea what these two subjects have to do with another.

Murry Cave's picture

Aperture still works on Mojave. Why doesn't Apple give the software to someone and let them continue to develop it. There's no other digital asset management system out there that works as well.