Creative Projector Portraits

Creative Projector Portraits

I love projectors. I've been trying to come up with a cool photo project using a projector for years now just so I had an excuse for my wife to buy one. Alas inspiration has yet to strike, a problem John Clang doesn't seem to have as can be seen in his series, "Blind Spot". Check out these portraits John took by projecting the subject's portrait back onto their own face. Well done John truly an inspiring idea if not a tad creepy.

via [PetaPixel] [LostAtEMinor]
While some commenters continue to offer non constructive criticism, Thomas Woodson linked us this cool BTSV by David Myrick using a similar technique. Nice. Thanks Thomas, we appreciate it.

You can see the post we did on this video exactly one year to the date, here.
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David Myrick used this technique when photographing The Glitch Mob last year. Check out this cool BTS:

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hm... so whats the point? whats cool about it?

What isn't cool about it? it's conceptual, there's experimentation and discovery going on. A lot more exciting than psuedo street portraits.

ive been working on this project-but with a huge twist! on horses! 

Would have been awesome if he did video, would seem like a multiple personality disorder abstract representation.