Custom SLR Makes $10,000 Tripod Christmas Tree, Will Donate to Charity

I've sort of been waiting for that signature heartwarming story to rise up in these last few days winding down to Christmas, and I had just about given up hope until I caught wind of this fun little project by Custom SLR (makers of straps, tripods and other gadgets for cameras). The team decided to try and make a tripod tree, the largest they thought possible, and donate all the decorations to the Salvation Army and all the tripods to afterschool and nonprofit photography programs. And they did.

The tree consists of 300 ornaments, 486 feet of garland lights, 40 Fotopro camera tripods, 1 Santa and 14 hours of work. The final tree measured in at a height of 17.4 feet.

worlds biggest tripod tree fstoppers 1

worlds biggest tripod tree fstoppers 2

worlds biggest tripod tree fstoppers 3
Well done guys!

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well done guys!

Very awesome, and great that they donated it all afterward.