Did Google Just Take The Lead in The Tablet Race?

Did Google Just Take The Lead in The Tablet Race?

Since the launch of the first iPad in 2010 Apple has dominated the tablet market. Quite a few companies have tried to contend with them but no one has been able to do it. This November, Google is launching it's new tablet, The Nexus 10, and Apple might finally face a contender that could land it some nasty blows. 

The new Nexus 10 tablet, manufactured by Samsung, will have the world's highest resolution tablet display with a resolution of 2560x1600 and a pixel density of 300dpi (higher than Apple's latest 4th generation iPad.) The 10" super PLS screen claims to offer higher brightness and better viewing angles compared to other screens. In addition to the impressive screen, the Nexus also comes in thinner and lighter than the iPad.

According to PC World Magazine, the tablet is powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor, has 2GB of RAM and will come in 16GB or 32GB variants. There's a quad-core Mali T604 GPU, too, so the device has been designed with games and other graphically intense apps in mind. If that is not enough Google also says the devices battery will last up to nice hours of video playback or 500 hours of standby time before needing a recharge. This beauty also includes a Micro USB and Micro HDMI ports which could open up lots of opportunities without using a proprietary connection.

For those who enjoy Google Hangouts, the tablet comes with a 1.9-megapixel front facing camera and a 5-megapixel camera for photos and video capture. The tablet will run an all new flavor of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2 and will include a new way using Google Accounts to sync all your data; photos, emails, contacts, bookmarks and more simply by signing into your account. Lastly, the tablet makes it easy to add multiple users and switch between them instantly at the lock screen. As Google explains, "that way everyone can have their own home screens, their own music, even their own high scores."

The Nexus 10 goes on sale Tuesday, November 13th in two different favors. The 16GB will go for $399 and the 32GB for $499. This device sounds pretty impressive and I look forward to getting my hands on one to give you a hands on review. If it lives up to how impressive it sounds I might just be replacing the iPads and Kindle in my house.


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 Sorry your wrong Taiwan is NOT china even though china is trying to..

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (trading as Foxconn) is a Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. It is the world's largest maker of electronic components.[3][4]

While you are correct that Foxconn is a Taiwanese company, the vast majority of their manufacturing and assembly work (including the factories where Apple makes their iPhones, iPads and iPods) are located in China. Just clarifying that the other post is not technically wrong.

@facebook-500858372:disqus  That's what I'm saying.  A screen this small can have it but not a 24", 27, or bigger without costing a left nut?  Damn you technology companies!!!!!!!  I know it will happen and be cheaper, probably in the next couple of years but it's kinda frustrating.

I wonder if they will do retina style pixel trickery.  I don't know how many of you are developers, but optimizing webpages for retina is a trick - it actually assumes it's 1/4 the physical resolution (1/2 as tall, 1/2 as wide) and interpolates the rest. If you want your gallery to show true "retina quality" 400px images, you have to upload an 800px image and resize it down with CSS. Take the new macbook retina 13's - same graphics/processor hardware as the unibody, but 4x the resolution does not make sense until you realize that it's still calculating for a "normal" sized monitor then upscaling... to a very pretty monitor. 

I work with android/windows tablets and i still wouldnt change my ipad for any of them. They often get laggy and stops working over time. My ipad have been working perfectly since day one and same with my iphone/imac... it just works.

YES! Google will eventually CRUSH Apple! And I can't wait! I LOVE my Galaxy note and my old android tablet. Will def be getting one of these. I agree that Android isn't quite as slick as iOS but I've seen the newest jellybean (without all the wireless carrier crap installed) and it looks amazing. Stoked.

No matter which brand you like, I think the best part is that the Nexus 7/10 tablets now represent enough of a contender in the tablet arena that competition will tighten between them and, ultimately, be better for the consumer. More competition between brands = great news for everyone. So long as one doesn't completely crush the other ;-)

up to nice hours ey?

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Nexus 10 is dead on arrival for the same reason all 10" Android tablets have failed, lack of tablet optimized apps. People also don't seem willing to spend 500 bucks on an Android tablet. It doesn't have the Apple cache nor do they usually have the industrial engineering excellence seen on Apple devices.

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As android continues to sell their product Apple sells more and dominates in actual use. I believe the iPad has over 90% of the web traffic vs ALL android tablets. The problem with most tablets that aren't made by Apple can be found on craigslist and holiday sales. They are a dime a dozen and people don't buy them to use for long. Even if they did compete with as smooth as an operating system people aren't using them. Phones are different in this respect as the iphone will never gain back all the ground it's lost in marketshare but as a single company with a single product they outsell any other single product. The Galaxy SIII is actually a great phone and it's only downfall is that Samsung makes a dozen different good phones and different phones that cannibalize it's own sales. Samsung needs to take the Apple approach and make one killer phone instead of saturating it's own market with inferior or just different products. We will soon see the new smaller SIII ship soon so now their own inside joke about screen size will go away. If not they will just have to bite their tongues since they've picked on Apple about it's small screen. I hope one day someone competes to a point that Apple has to shift gears, until then I'll enjoy my iPad and it's rock solid apps and usability.

The reason the "i" devices "just work" and android devices sometimes have issues, is because Apple is in control of everything and Google is not... Apple designs the hardware and the software; everything had better work 100% when you have complete control. Google makes the software, and the manufacturers take it and shoehorn it onto whatever hardware they want.

The higher end Android devices seem to have most of the kinks worked out. The lower end ones can be unreliable though, like people have pointed out above. However, since I started putting custom roms on my Android devices like the G1, well, it just works. :D

In the end, use what you love. Who cares who makes it?

Yes but .. android ... lame OS !

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All of those really thought out comments about android just like the one saying "lame os"... This "lame os" lets you do things that iOS will never, ever let you do (unless you jailbreak it and lose the warranty). A couple of days ago I posted a video (in spanish, I'm sorry) about how I shoot tethered with my 5D Mark II and a Nexus 7 with the app DSLR Controller. No root needed, no jailbreak, just a plain Nexus 7 with the app connected to the 5D Mk II and you're set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7ArITvF5jI

mmh,... nexus 10 has a great specs above the iPad 4th generation, but today its not only depend on the specs for winning the battle. High specs is only for geeks, but for general market an establish ecosystem is more important in order to deliver a great user experience. Only Apple who have the best establish ecosystem for now.

How bout Google? hmm they still on the process to reach it, so I think nexus 10 will not so easy to take a lead on a tablet race. Personally I don't like the Nexus 10 form design, it's looks cheap for me,.. if we talking about the rounded body design, I prefer to the nook than the nexus 10.

i thought this was a blog about photography? i dont give a damn about whose tablet is better i come here to read about creative projects that my fellow photographers are working on. get this crap off fstoppers and go back to gizmodo or one of the awful rumor/tech sites