Flickr Getting Rid of Yahoo Logins Starting Today

Flickr Getting Rid of Yahoo Logins Starting Today

No one enjoys having a Yahoo account, especially not after the security issues they've faced, but it's long been a requirement for joining and using Flickr. This is not so anymore, starting today.

After SmugMug acquired Flickr from Yahoo in early 2018, the company said that the number one feature request has been to revamp logins and remove the Yahoo account requirement. In a blog post, SmugMug revealed that work on Flickr began right away "to bring all our members a new, secure login method."

The announcement today stated that Flickr would begin rolling out the new login over the next few weeks, and that the process to transfer everyone would take a little time "due to the massive number of account holders."

Users can expect to be prompted once the new login is available to their account, and the process will involve selecting a new login email and password. Flickr states that your previous Yahoo login credentials will be needed at first to transition, so keep them handy for now.

Up next on Flickr's agenda is to rebuild the site's underlying infrastructure, move from Yahoo datacenters to Amazon Web Services, and implement new upload and storage services. These next steps will hopefully tackle the photo community platform's stability and speed issues.

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Michael Holst's picture

This is GOOD NEWS! I've had a flickr for what seems like forever and I hate having to log in with an old yahoo account that I'm sure is busting with junk mail.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Good!! Those Yahoos have been hijacking my browser every week or so. I am happy to see they are being thrown out from at least one service.

Ryan Burleson's picture

Love Flickr

Giovanni Aprea's picture

Since Yahoo is gone I got several "bad panda" screens, hopefully they smoothing things up starting with the login bit...

dred lew's picture

Good riddance!