Free Macro Bee Photos Courtesy of the US Geological Survey

Free Macro Bee Photos Courtesy of the US Geological Survey

Talk about amazing creative commons finds... The US Geological Survey's Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab Flickr page might take the cake for this author. I was a big fan of the Getty collection that went public a while back, even going so far as to redecorate parts of my home with the pieces. However, this is just way cooler in my book because, well, macro bugs are amazing.

The archive is curated by USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Biologist Sam Droege, and obviously he's doing an amazing job. It is not only vast but regularly updated as well, even dating all the way back to June 6, 2013. Best of all...every one of the images are free to use so long as you give proper attribution.

Here are some of my favorites:






Like I said, I grabbed a few that I liked the most but there are over 1,200 images so definitely go check it out!

Via PetaPixel

Image credits: Photographs by the US Geological Survey

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