FS Weekly News #3: The Week’s Best Photo/Video Related Stories

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CJEsguerra's picture

The REAL reason Lee flies out to NYC so often.

Rebecca Gutwin's picture

Unfortunately, Photoshop can't fix everything. Like real life.

Michael Randall's picture

This is why we can't have nice things around here...

Addir Pineda's picture

Sorry Lee, but the Condom was invented 6 years later after the last one . . .

Didn't remember what kid was his so he took them all!

TLC's lesser known, failed first attempt at a "Multiples Parenting Reality Show."

Lee Plus 6...Tiny Gremlins.

Patrick Hall's picture

"Whatever you do, don't feed them after midnight and keep them away from water"

Gizmo was amazing!

Erik Lavdal's picture

"sh#t happens"

Matthew Choi's picture

in the demotivational-poster format:
"Babies. They are not always cute"

Clement Tse's picture

"Paternity tests. Sometimes they are necessary."

Lee finally got his "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" machine to work on the guys

Brendan Bell's picture

Dopey should be right back, he just had to run out for some...supplies.

Misha Korablin's picture

Mother Hero. You are doing it right.

Something told me to ignore the invitation to the Maury povich show

M's picture

"Two and a half men, now with 100% more sheen dna "

It just came to me :P

"Thank you for joining PBS on this special program telling the horrific events that happened to what we call the apocalypse. It started with the first man to ever conceive a children, but not just one child six of them". "This story tonight at six"

Peter Richards's picture

We're a very, very close family.

Despite the success of John and Kate for some reason TLC wasn't interested in producing "Carnies, the story of the Morris Family."