FS Weekly News #5: The Week’s Best Photo/Video Related Stories

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Once again you have me looking way too long for that damn easter egg. Classic video, although I've heard its fake. Either way, still good.

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They actually ended up being featured on TV news because of that video. Apparently it wasn't fake. But after saying that I am sure people will dig up all kinds of evidence. Either way, it made me laugh. :) Last month I focused on shopped Fstoppers pics for Easter eggs so this month will be humorous, classic vids off YouTube.

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 I watched the part of him slipping over and over.  Too funny... 

Found this weeks easter egg super quick. Officially offering my services as a Professional Easter Egg Finder.

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i love how you put a photo of a gun pointed at a kid beside the title "shooting kids may become a crime" great job

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I get bored :)

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i love that you just created a flickr group after reading the above article are you going to contribute lol

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Who created what now?

Thanks for re-tweeting the newsletter Joshua. I see you're in Okinawa. I lived in Japan for 4 years and spent a few weeks in Okinawa. Have you ever been to the "haunted" Royal Hotel near the Nakagusuku castle ruins. It has an awesome story behind it and is one of the best urban-ex spots ever. I really wish I had some lighting gear with me when I was there. You could turn out some mad work from that location.

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I lived there visited the castle never heard about the haunted hotel. I did visit a haunted amusement park in Korea. It was really freaky the event room was all set up for a wedding. White china and white cloth everywhere totally abandoned and a creepy water slide. Found some graves in the back as well.

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Really? The walk way to the ruins branches off to the right just before you get there and thats where the haunted hotel/amusement park is. It also has a very spooky overgrown waterslide and lots of rooms that were never used but furnished.

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LOL, I cant imagine we will get our Flickr contest back now after seeing a giant NO sign over the Flickr Logo HAHA! Classic

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Meh... they bug me :P
Even though some of their policies bug me, I'm totally a Flickr fan.

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Blame Yahoo. They've been holding Flickr back for years and have talked about disbanding it for financial reasons. The latest Yahoo CEO is dumb.

FYI Flickr pulled our contest for some unknown reason. We are trying to figure out why

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My thought was we should ask them why on Twitter but Corey held me back. Such a strange decision on their part :/

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Good video. You should find the video of the aftermath with the bride's mother.

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yahoo hasnt had their stuff together since the mid 90's. their messenger, mail, everything has lacked behind in technology. Them holding back flickr is horrible. If instagram would of went non web based i think it would of swept flickr off their rocker. im not a big instagram fanatic because its not as simple as flickr to upload and share my stuff. now im not sure if i want to post my images on any social site (besides forums like fstoppers) because everyone wants to use your work for their gain. ive heard of companies using flickr to contact the actual photographer and use their work. i can only imagine how many companies just use sites like this as a stock image farm. i am going to keep my fingers crossed for flickr and just keep uploading portraits because only i have the model releases hahahaha. its not much of a deterrent but its something lol (grr this logged me into the wrong twitter lol)

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 Flickr doesn't think they're stealing your images: http://blog.flickr.net/en/2011/05/13/at-flickr-your-photos-are-always-yo...

You have to consider the fact that for any of these photo sharing sites to function, you have to grant them the right to your pictures. Seriously, the idea is that these are photo "sharing" sites. And I'm not talking about them selling your pictures to advertisers, I'm talking about Flickr having the right to put your picture on Explore or use on some other part of the site. Kinda defeats the purpose of a photo sharing site if there is no license to do so.

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what bugged me about the article is that the word selling. Selling pictures without my go ahead is stealing point blank. if you are making a profit from my images without my consent then yes that, to me is stealing. Moving them around flickr, such as the explore page, and so forth is not what im considering stealing. Lets say i take an amazing shot of a bald eagle snatching a baby and they sell that image to a magazine or a publisher without my consent that would make me want to e-pimp slap some people.