FS Weekly News #6: The Week’s Best Photo/Video Related Stories

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 The article "I am more than a face" by Mitsuko is sort of funny really. There's irony and yet not. I read the question about why is the face covered, and that each is a self-portrait. Yet the whole point for me seems to be lost when the "self" is extracted in favor of the "portrait". I find it a fascinating concept, but  not quite expressing what it seemed Mitsuko was aiming for. ??

Planking? Is this a joke? Its hilarious, but it seems to be April 1st joke of sorts.

Kenn Tam's picture

Oh it's real.  Made big in Japan and Australia.  And now that you are the first to comment about it I expect you to be the first to do it and send me a photo. :) 

Sadly this week also marks the first death from planking.


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Ya I read about that and about the guy who was arrested for planking on a police car.  Fads are funny... well except for the dying part.

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Man this week's easter egg took me forever to find!  Worth the look though

Kenn Tam's picture

Easter egg?  Singular?  There are 4 this week Patrick, get back to work. :)

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1. I never did like Paintball
2. Is that a Tongue or are you just happy to see me?3. Ozzy Died???4. I guess kelby training has some competition. 

GREAT Job Kenn!!!

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Nice, you found all 4.
At first I had no idea what you were on about.  Then I realized you where writing captions :P