Groupon Photographer Accused of Ripping Off New Parents

Photos of newborns are precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments. Now, some new parents in Denver are wondering where their images are. Photographer Amy Barlow under the name A MoMent Photography studio based in Lakewood, Colo. recently ran a Groupon promotion for newborn photography and is being accused of taking the money and running, leaving several families complaining that their images have not been delivered.

A report by Fox News affiliate Fox 31 Denver spoke with a new mother who hired Barlow to photograph her son. An three-week wait has quickly doubled with no word from Barlow and no images to show for it. According to the report, the number listed for A MoMent Photography is off but still accepting voicemail and has an unresponsive email and Facebook account.

A quick look at the reviews on Barlow's Facebook show at least four clients alleging she hasn't delivered the images she was paid to make as seen below.

At the time of publishing Barlow has not responded to Fstoppers' request to comment. We hope the attention generated by the story will motivate her to deliver the images she was paid to make.

[via Fox 31 Denver]

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1) I can't believe that Groupon is still even around after all of the scams against both consumers and businesses over the last few years;

2) unbelievable that normal small businesses still use this proven waste of money and marketing scam (the horror stories are endless!);

3) that a consumer looking for quality images in this very important service industry (she even stated how important these images are to her and her husband!) : weddings and baby portraits... would actually believe that they could get quality pictures and service from an advertiser on this horrible, cheap scam-based online company?!

Regardless, I do feel sorry for the parents, because this was not the time to learn a valuable lesson.

Eric Lefebvre's picture


Someone who purchased the Groupon got her pictures!

And we see the real impact of these fauxtogs on the industry.

" I'm never dealing with a photographer again"

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She is offering 50% off 50$ vouchers on Yelp.

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I know this wont replace the moments lost... but Groupon will give them their money back, regardless of the time passed. We got scammed by a custom wood worker for a piece and 3 months later we made a complaint to Groupon and they totally refunded us.

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like i said, can't be good for biz. why would anyone use groupon if they take 1/2 ? only one making anything is them. are you sure that's the deal ? sounds crazy to me.

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Here's something I learned from a past gig! There's 3 ways to do a job: fast, cheap and good. You can get 2 of the 3, but you won't all 3 of them at once. This is another example of people confusing selling for price versus selling for quality. This photographer is either a con artist posing as a photographer, or someone entering the business with no clue what they're doing.