High Speed Photography: Shooting Wigs Made of Water

High Speed Photography: Shooting Wigs Made of Water

Los Angeles-based husband, father, picture maker, cyclist, Ravens fan, photoshop geek (his words not mine), Tim Tadder, never lacks creativity (these are mine). His latest series has him whacking bald dudes in the head with water ballons to form these awesome water wig images. Tim gets the job done with the help of a laser (to pop the balloons maybe) and a sound trigger to capture the perfect moment in time. Nice work Tim.

"We just finished shooting a new project we call Water Wigs. The concept is simple and it is another visual exploration of something new and totally different. We found a bunch of awesome bald men and hurled water balloons at their heads, to capture the explosion of water at various intervals. The result a new head of of water hair! We used a laser and sound trigger to capture the right moments for each subject to create just the head of hair that fit best with the face."

"We chose to work with triads of colors to create images that are arresting and amusing at the same time. We feel the color helps transform the water into some more and adds greater visual interest. "

"Our favorites are "The Don King," "The Conquistador," "The Jesus" and "The Friar." I am uploading the images today around the web. Please share and comment, and I will try to get to all the questions I can! This was fun, complex, technical, and totally worth exploring more. Enjoy!"

via [PetaPixel]

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loving these!!!!

(I have one thing to comment.)

Three letters: B....T....S.........PLEASE!!!! :DDDDDD

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BTS (2)


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I like the concept. I do not like the skin tone variable when shooting the same subject. With this much detail injection, you should overlooked the post processing. Anyhoo,....nice work in all.

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That was not a statement,....it was a punctuation error. I should not overlook punctuation either. Well played Tim.

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How come we don't see the balloon? This is the part "photoshop geek" that edited them out? 

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That is fantastic!!  Something I would expect to see Jeff Newsom enjoy!

Fun concept very well executed.

Forget powder motion photography, that's so 2008 - it's all about water now ;)

i'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and suggest that they pulled/pushed/swayed the balloon one way or the other right before the shutter release to create the motion in the water. just a guess. either way, it's incredibly well done - not only the water effects but the use of light, color and model choice. awesome.