How a Female Videographer Books 80 Weddings a Year in a Male-Dominated Industry

In today's wedding video business market, the female demographic is vastly unrepresented and is far outnumbered by men. In this insightful video, discover the ways that one female videographer found success and is booking 80 weddings a year! 

A common question that comes up in the wedding video business or even the filmmaking industry is that if you're a female, can you succeed in making a living doing video? The answer is yes! In this video from Parker Walbeck, he highlights one of his students, Kaylor Ficklin. The video shows how Ficklin, who picked up her first camera just three years ago, is making a full-time living out of it. Walbeck gives the audience an inside look on how Kaylor shoots her weddings, how she markets herself, and how she continues to succeed in the business. The biggest takeaway from this video for me was the way she works. She explains that the way she got to where she is today was with pure dedication. After watching this video, I was inspired to go out there and keep shooting even when it's hard in order to accomplish my dreams.

Do you have any tips on what it takes to be successful in video industry? Share them in the comments!

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Was the photographer with her wearing jeans to fancy wedding? Come on!

Claire Whitehead's picture

What the heck FStoppers, these comments are full of dudes complaining about any segment that chooses to highlight women in a male dominated industry. Can you not take a look at these comments and real there is a reason this needs to be highlighted? Its just a bunch of dudes arguing among themselves about who's an "SJW" and why some people don't want to talk about the gender skew in videography and photography.

Research has shown that showing examples of women who counter stereotypes, helps to reduce bias.
Does this content really hurt anyone?
I rarely see women behind the camera, especially with videography, I go to conferences and events that are heavily male dominated. People assume I can't carry my Ronin S for a full day shoot.

I find videos like this encouraging and inspiring. If your a male photographer/videographer, maybe this video isn't aimed at you? Don't get all offended by that.

What a Joke. You guys must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel for new content.

Female videographer are more talented rather than male and knows how to capture the beauty in the wedding of the couple which could make the wedding more and more beautiful as they are also able to capture like a professional videographers.