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Legendary Pin-Up Photographer Bunny Yeager Dead At 85

Legendary Pin-Up Photographer Bunny Yeager Dead At 85

Bunny Yeager the pin-up model turned pin-up photographer has sadly passed away today but leaves behind a legacy that has inspired countless photographers and helped shape an entire genre. Bunny Yeager was recognized for helping launch Bettie Page's career among her many accomplishments.

A giant in the world of photography Bunny Yeager will be remembered as a trailblazer for her liberal and, at the time, provocative work. She set the standard for the genre we define as "pin-up" today. Her passing is a great loss for the community but her work will forever stay with us. In commemoration lets take a look at some of her work. Feel free to share your favorite works of Bunny's in the comments section.

Rest in peace Betty Yeager.






[Via Miami Herald]

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Dov Hechtman's picture

Amazing work she will be missed

James Nedresky's picture

Beautiful! And hey, no digital photoshop-type post production, lenses with 10 numbers & letter designations beyond their focal length, not even hundreds of thousands of teen models to choose from, nothing!... But great in the camera shots and just a little bit of darkroom work. Hope that she's remembered.

rodrigounda's picture

betty or bunny?