Leica Store SoHo Looted During NYC's Unrest

Leica Store SoHo Looted During NYC's Unrest

In the midst of the weekend's unrest across the country, looters ransacked NYC's Leica Store SoHo early Monday morning along with a number of other luxury stores in the area.

Similar events are taking place in cities across the country at the moment, including one in which Chicago's Central Camera was sadly burned down. This Leica store did not fare too much better, as the looters made off with all but a few items from the store's inventory that were saved by a few good Samaritans.

In the video footage below, looters are pouring into stores such as Chanel in New York and left little for Leica Store SoHo owner Elliot Kurland (pictured above). Many may not realize Leica stores are owned by private individuals. This video sheds some light on the experience of your own store being ransacked and not having much power to do anything about it as Kurland recalls his brother's advice of not risking his life by going to the store that night.

With most modern Leica cameras easily breaking the $10,000 barrier for a body and one lens, there is not doubt the store has suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses, not to mention the damage done to the store's interior. Thankfully, the owner of a neighboring store who was there that evening grabbed what she could, locked it away, and came to return some of the inventory to Kurland the next morning.

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Garrett Reid's picture

There is no difference.

Deleted Account's picture

I'm very much afraid, both legally and in terms of insurance, there is.

David Pavlich's picture

I agree that there is, but how do you prove intent? Typical experience goes out the window due to the extremely chaotic environment.

Deleted Account's picture

In the same fashion you would ordinaririly do so. The fact pattern appears to make it relatively obvious.

Timothy Roper's picture

Without video it's hard to say, but this doesn't seem like looting. It sounds more like a "smash and grab" robbery, which have become pretty common, with or without protests and rioting going on. I suppose all the chaos makes them easier, but looting is a direct result of all the chaos, and is really its own, distinct "activity." When all this calms down, the looting will stop, but smash and grabs won't.

David Pavlich's picture

Maybe it is a smash and grab, but how do you prove it since it happened when there was pure chaos all around?

Erpillar Bendy's picture

Smash & grab = looting = stealing = robbery = theft = break in & take stuff. Whatever you call it, it's the same thing. You're making a distinction without a difference.

Dieter B's picture

Stealing Leica cameras is sure to honor the memory of whats his name

Maksims Ter-Oganesovs's picture

Shame! Absolutely unacceptable and very much destroyed the essence of the protest

Spy Black's picture

I didn't know The Leica Store was even a thing.