LensRentals Canada Suspends Operations, Blames Canada Post Corporation

LensRentals Canada Suspends Operations, Blames Canada Post Corporation

File this one under weird and unfortunate: LensRentals Canada has suspended operations due to problems with Canada Post Corporation, the principal mail delivery company in Canada. Though it's not explained on the emergency "there is a problem" text-only version of the website, this kind of sounds like Canada Post Corporation is losing LensRentals product. 

We first caught wind of this via Reddit, and the main website for LensRentals Canada is pretty damning of Canad Post, who is being accused of on Reddit of stealing the product. Below is a quote from a Redditor who says he received a response from LensRentals Canada as to why product shipping is being halted:

We are currently halting all shipments with Canada Post as someone at the depot in Mississauga is stealing our boxes.


Below is taken directly from the LensRentals Canada website today, July 30 2014:

Due to serious issues with the Canada Post Corporation, we are currently not taking any new orders. We do not have an ETA as to when we will be accepting new orders.

Current reservations will be shipped via Purolator Courier. While Purolator is majority owned by Canada Post, it does not share any aspects of the delivery network such as depots or post offices. We have the utmost confidence in Purolator Courier.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at 1.888.599.2271


Thank-you for your understanding.

Lens Rentals Canada


That's pretty crazy. If you've had a bad experience with LensRentals Canada/Canada Post recently due to poor shipping situations, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear some user feedback.


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I wonder if some people are going to jail...

I've had so many issues with Canada Post on clients photo shoot CD shipments going missing or packages opened and content removed. Had at least 3 recent refunds of Express Mail charges as even those items go astray (stolen).

They should put a GPS chip on those expensive camera gear. Once the thief is caught, ask for $$ compensation

This doesn't surprise me. Henry's Rentals just recently suspended their Canada Post Rentals options - I'm guessing for the same reason.

The world we live in...

I would like to say that first of all, LRC is the best photography rental company in Canada. Of course, they do not have the same inventory as american companies such as BorrowLenses which will not ship items to Canada (understandably). I have rented a few times from them and can only praise the quality of their customer service team. I recently did a shoot where i rented a Nikon D4s and unfortunately i did not get it the week before the shoot because of this. Then LRC resent me another one and same thing happened again. Fortunately my D600 is still a good camera for the shoot. I really hope that LRC will continue to do business since the alternatives aren't fantastic (especially in Montreal).

Hope they used lenstag! All jokes aside, it is rather sad that someone would take advantage of there position and jack these lenses/equipment obviously someone has to have an idea whats in it. I don't think it should be hard to find the the ones responsible, as the person(s) must be a photographer or something of the sort to even know! Its a shame. I personally use lensrentals they are a good company. From the few comments seems like a trend with that place. Someone needs to be fired.

So the Canadian Post is using our TSA screeners?

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