MAC Cosmetics Posts Images With Unedited Facial Hair

MAC Cosmetics Posts Images With Unedited Facial Hair

Cosmetic companies are known for using high levels of retouching in their images. MAC Cosmetics is the latest company to ditch the Photoshop in some recent posts, and the Internet is divided about it. 

MAC has not made an official announcement to keep up the all-natural style in their posts and ads. But after this recent lipstick post where we see facial hair on a woman clearly left in, many viewers are begging them to continue. Other followers are critiquing the brand for not spending a few seconds to edit out the facial hair.

I think what MAC and other brands are starting to do with their images is great; after all, it is natural. The beauty industry has a huge impact on how we view ourselves as women, as well as how men view us and expect us to look. Although I do love having the ability to make images "perfect" with Photoshop, I would love to see the natural trend progress. What do you think of cosmetic companies like MAC ditching the Photoshop?

Lead image via Pexels, used under Creative Commons.

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Jonathan Brady's picture

Honestly, it's kind of ironic that a company selling products and techniques which alter/conceal how someone naturally looks is shunning products and techniques which alter/conceal how people naturally look.
That said, I'm all for presenting a more realistic/obtainable "look".

Fritz Asuro's picture

Yah, but you realize that most ad agencies and marketing people do use social issues in their favor to promote products and brands. The fact that this very image will get a hit from a lot of media and will be shared by many users simply spells victory for the marketing team.

It really doesn't matter what would be the opinion of many, as long as there's no red flag, they won't give a damn.

liliumva's picture

It's nice MAC chose to regram/freeboot another MAC artist's work that is more natural. The MAC artist posts a lot of work that is unfiltered, as does the model. It would be nice if cosmetic companies posted more natural work, but that is a double edged sword when it comes to marketing their products.

Mark James's picture

It's an ad, and This is what everyone does. Provide images that make you want to buy their product. I've shot food, that most likely didn't truly visually resemble what a customer receives on a normal day. They are showing themselves in the best possible light.

Sennia Kyle's picture

Actually, it the literal opposite of "unnatural".

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Natural, but distracting. Like dark spot on lower lip and white spot on the pencil. But it's just me :)

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Thank you for your input guys!

Jonathan Brady's picture

Wow... 🤯
Would you tell the women in your life, or even just some random woman, that the hair that grows naturally on her lip (and is likely unnoticeable at normal interaction distances) is nasty? Would you say that to your mother? Your sister? Your wife? Your five-year-old daughter (assuming you've been lucky enough to have a daughter)?
Are you so perfect that an extreme close-up of every part of your body can and should be held up as a paragon?
A little humility and empathy along with a lesson (or many) in human biology would serve you well.

Joe Healey's picture

You wrote a 100 word public lashing of Jeff for his one word opinion and you're calling for humility?
That's rich! LOL

Jeff McCollough's picture

Yes I would tell them. We are from a place where that is not the cultural norm.

ted partrick's picture

I have a similar aversion to the hair, but i wouldn't call its showing nasty. To me, it's too intimate. All of a sudden, the model with the lips is a real person and i don't want to be so up close and personal. The photo is no longer just an illustration. It's a weird portrait.

David Justice's picture

I hate to sound rude, but why is this even a post? MAC, like all other cosmetic companies, just reposted someone else's picture and that's it. It's just a MAC MUA with a macro lens. They're not making a statement with this, it's literally just a quick repost.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Yes it was one of Macs actual posts