Martin Parr Sparks Anger by Selling Face Masks Featuring His Photos

Martin Parr Sparks Anger by Selling Face Masks Featuring His Photos

Celebrated British documentary photographer Martin Parr has just started selling a range face masks featuring photographs from his archive. The response on social media has not been kind.

Four different face masks are available from the Martin Parr Foundation website, each priced at £20 ($25). The four photographs featured are from different collections in Parr’s archive.

The product page notes that the masks “are not medical devices or personal protective equipment,” but are intended to stop coronavirus from spreading from the person wearing the mask. They are not FFP2/N95.

Proceeds from sales of the mask go the Martin Parr Foundation, a charity that was created in order to “preserve the archive and legacy of Martin Parr, one of the most significant documentary photographers of post-war Britain.”

The response on Twitter and Instagram has been largely negative.

Parr is one Britain’s most widely respected documentary photographers, but his work has been criticized in the past for ridiculing his subjects, presenting them as objects to be mocked rather than creating a connection with them as might be observed in the work of a photographer such as Joel Sternfeld.

What do you think of Parr’s face masks? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Stuart Carver's picture

Newsworthy, 100% Newsworthy.

Eric Robinson's picture

I think William who had a lot of interesting things to say put it quite well with this ditty..." much ado about nothing"

Eric Robinson's picture

Anger? While William was quite poetic in his comments, in all honesty, I think the masks look pretty crap.

Andrew Banks's picture

Seems to have a very high opinion of hi,self. Me, not so much

Jeff McCollough's picture

"middle class man who made millions off exploiting the working class earns further millions exploiting global pandemic" keep it classy Martin.
— Liam Maxwell (@sillkmill) May 31, 2020

This sounds like an unsuccessful person who is jealous of someone else's success.

Jonathan Brady's picture

As usual, there are other, worthy causes people should be outraged over. But today, there are FAR more worthy causes worthy of outrage. Can't believe this even blipped on the radar.

Fristen Lasten's picture

I would not purchase one. But they seem effective. Causes people to talk out their arses, which increases social distancing.

Kirk Darling's picture

People who bother to complain about this do not have enough real tribulation in their lives.

paul aparycki's picture

I think it is rather tacky . . . to say the least.

BUT, I am not going to lose any sleep over it. I will register my distaste in a very simple way . . . I ain't gonna buy one.