Must-See Dramatization of Sexual Harassment During a Photoshoot

Note: Video contains NSFW language.

We've all heard the horror stories by now. Reports of sexual harassment in the industry continue to flood our news feeds daily, but have you ever actually seen it? This extremely well-made dramatization based on a real-life incident is a must see.

It can be hard to imagine that this actually happens as often as it does. If you haven't witnessed this with your own eyes, I know it can be difficult to comprehend how common these situations are. This incredible video is one of six made to show what this unacceptable behavior looks like, it will show you an example of what sexual harassment actually appears as during a photoshoot. The dramatization is hard to watch but sadly it is actually fairly mild compared to some stories I've personally heard from models. 

Ad Council has partnered with Directors Sigal Avin and Mazdack Rassi, and Actor David Schwimmer for an anti-sexual harassment awareness campaign called "That's Harassment." The project started as a film campaign to raise awareness. It is now blowing up nationally as three of the six videos will be aired this week on major media networks including CBS, The CW, Fox Networks Group, Freedom, Hulu, Amazon Prime, STARZ, and SHOWTIME. 

The goal is to giving harassment a face, to erase the gray areas surrounding sexual harassment, and to give everyone strength to say and do something about it. These videos are a huge step towards shedding light and eventually preventing harassment in professional settings as a visual is need nowadays for many to believe it even exists.

For more information on the campaign and recourses for victims of sexual harassment, including the 24/7 national call and text hotline, as well as information on the process of reporting to law enforcement, visit RAINN.

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Simon Patterson's picture

Unfortunately, many children are not brought up "properly". So they remain children even after the law says they are adults. The fact that this makes them easy prey does not excuse either the predator or those who support the predator.

Simon Patterson's picture

I agree with that. We do our children a great disservice by increasingly encouraging families to break apart, and by encouraging situations where children are raised by anyone other than both their biological parents.

Ryan Burleson's picture

I don’t agree with abusing power in any setting, but at the same time everyone has the power to not roll over and play dead even skinny young “innocent” girls. I find anyone trying to create a video for “awareness” or to “educate ” people suspect myself, won’t be susprised to find out in a few months the lady writing these was into some hardcore stuff herself. I give the video 2/5 stars for fantasy fetish content, I’ve seen plenty with intros just like it. When the video started I found the cheese factor a bit high from the photographer, #bandwagon content.

Adam Svien's picture

I have heard story after story of behavior like this and a lot worse. I shoot a lot of various styles, when I am shooting nudes or lingerie or really anything sexualized and I can tell that my client or subject is nervous I start talking to them and acting like a flamboyant gay man, this makes it more relaxed and fun for them and lets them know thats not why I'm here.

I started a facebook group for the Mid West to promote safe networking between models and photographers. Its primarily a TFP platform but it helps with amateurs. I wish I knew more about the professional world so I could try to help there as well.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

This is awesome and a good idea, women feel much more comfortable for the most part around men who are more in touch with the feminine side. Starting random fun convo helps too

Michael Kormos's picture

Is that Bobby Cannavale? Someone please teach the man how to hold a gripped body correctly in portrait orientation.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

haha, i hold mine weirdly like this sometimes without even noticing

Robert Nurse's picture

Ok, I couldn't even continue watching that! OMG! I feel soiled!

Dennis Murphy's picture

Or... the model could have just said "NO!". And then, when he said "are we done?", she could have said "Yes!", then talked to the agency etc.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Nope, photographers are in a position of power, it is very hard for models, especially young new ones to say no........

Robert Nurse's picture

I wonder how long a model could keep on working if she kept saying "no". The top models are a different story. I know that was just a dramatization. But, every direction the photographer gave her could have been cleaned up. He sounded like a over/under-sexed pervert.

Dennis Murphy's picture

No, they're not in a position of power. It is just that the model is prepared to sacrifice dignity in the fear that she will lose work if she stands up for what she believes. How can that not be true? This whole 'power' thing is a cop-out. As individuals, we all have to assert ourselves at times, sometimes in the face of possible consequences that are frightening to us - but that's what character is - standing your ground in the face of potential loss. Stop making excuses for people with lame excuses like 'power' - no one is holding a gun to their head. Instead, start telling 'the sisterhood' to stop being compliant in such situations and just say no.

I'm sorry but which one is it then, reenactment of a specific incident or a fictional story full of symbolism!? I'm referring to the crew behind the photographer that many here label as symbolism. Its either one or the other, it cannot be both. The moment you add symbolism to a reenactment of a real story, you will change the story completely. As accurate as the symbolism might be, it will no longer be a real story. At the best its a sum of many real stories, but not an actual incident.
If you add fictional elements but serve it as a real incident, isn't that called fake news these days!? This video is so creepy that one couldn't finish watching it in one sitting, there are lessons to be learned for everyone, but it really needs to be labelled correctly, is it real or not, otherwise it is a mess that will heavily damage the people in the industry that have nothing to do with this type of behaviour.
So, which one is it then?

Underground NYC's picture

A dramatization but a real representation of the lack of diversity in the industry. Smh