[News] Meet 365 People Across America (a photo/audio journey)

Idaho photographer, Theron Humphery, woke up one morning and decided he needed to use photography to connect with folks and tell their story. So he set out across the US, meeting, photographing and recording a new person every day for a year. Theron's project, aptly named "This Wild Idea", is compelling and actually gives you the sense of meeting someone new.

At the time of this post Theron is on day 205 of his journey which started back on August 1st 2011. Theron's project doesn't just let us see and hear into the lives and environments of the everyday American but also gives us the opportunity to connect to the project and shape it's direction by allowing you to change his route. You can see a few sample shots below but be sure to check out, "This Wild Idea" for the full experience.

And Yes, Theron is the same photographer who brought us Maddie the Coonhound series.

"This idea is simple, the goal is straightforward, but I need your help! I'm going meet 1 new person a day, everyday, for 365 days. The goal is to makes images that age well and increase in value over time; images that will become part of your family story, which we can pass on to the next generation."
-Theron Humphery-

via [ThisWildIdea]
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Let me guess, Leica M9? I kid! This is definitely a project that will be amazing when viewed as a "body of work" at the end.

Eighth picture : Bill Cosby reincarnation.