Photographer Captures Gunman Staring Right in to His Lens at Dallas Shooting

A near horrendous tragedy in Dallas saw photojournalist Tom Fox photograph the shooter from mere meters away, looking directly in to the lens.

After watching documentaries on, and exhibitions of, Don McCullin, I have untold respect, admiration, and a dose of disbelief for the courage photographers in war situations have. One naturally wonders where we — if put in a similar situation — could photograph the scenes, or would focus on the preservation of our own lives. Well, photographer Tom Fox of The Dalls Morning News has had an unwanted chance to find out.

Yesterday morning a gunman attacked the Earle Cabell Federal Building. He was heavily armed and dressed for warfare, and immediately started firing. Photographer Fox who was near by, captured some of the scene on his phone, but also managed to take a photograph of the gunman exiting the building. Just meters away, the gunman stared right in to Fox's lens, whose life over the next few minutes hung in the balance.

Photographer Tom Fox seen behind a pillar just meters from the gunman.

The image is haunting, particularly due to the eye contact. The man is heavily armed, and clearly out to kill. Thankfully, however, the only casualty of this event was the gunman himself who is said to have died at the scene.

What would you do in this situation? Was Fox wrong to take the shot? Is it Pulitzer Prize worthy?

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cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

Yes, radical Asian/Black/Yellow/+ terrorists are much nicer...

bluerhino's picture

The individuals race has nothing to do with anything. The guy was mentally disturbed as its been stated as so. The fact that you gravitated directly to the race of the individual speaks volumes. This article wasn't even really about the shooter, but the bravery of the photographer, you turned it into race baiting. Not cool, immature and racist.

Deleted Account's picture

Wow really impressive thought process...from a dog.

bluerhino's picture

At this rate, my dog, who's name is Blue, is 10x more intelligent than you and he actually doesn't care about the race of others.

Deleted Account's picture

You think you know if your dog is racist or not? Did he tell you? LOL At least I'm not stupid enough to think I can discuss race with a dog.

bluerhino's picture

Stop being racist.

Deleted Account's picture

Your dog not growling at black people is the human excuse equivalent of "I'm not racist! I have a friend who is black."

You're a fucking joke, buddy! Maybe your dog just hides his racism well...haha!

Robert Nurse's picture

The last thing I would have been thinking about was getting my camera up to my eye. Then having the stones to keep shooting! All props for this!

The composition leaves a little something to be desired. His subject is moving out of frame and not tack sharp. I guess it's OK. Bro needs a little more practice working under stress. ;)

Good eye contact.

Damn god job, Tom. I hope you get the Pulitzer for this one. You deserve it. This is why newspapers still need photojournalists.

David Penner's picture

The memes have already started. Dude might have been military but he definitely rarely actually held a gun.

Deleted Account's picture

A terrorist was stopped and did not harm any innocent people. What's not happy about that?

Deleted Account's picture

Was he mentally impaired? If so that is indeed sad. But what evidence is there of that? From what they gathered so far, he was an anti-government gun nut who posted info about national socialism. Sounds more like a terrorist to me.

Deleted Account's picture

He opened fire with at bystanders and people in a federal building. Time will tell, but that fits the legal definition of domestic terrorism. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...
Agree and glad that he didn't kill any innocents, and that if there's an afterlife, he's probably feeling the heat right now!

Ed Kennedy's picture

Why does politics have to be brought in to this? Makes no sense. The story is the photographer and his actions.

Spy Black's picture

Um, because the subject's a right-wing asshole that put the photographer and other people in danger?

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

Wow. Takes a steady hand to take that.

Rob Work's picture

All i can say is that i dont think i would have that steady of a hand in that moment.

Very fortunate guy. This happened just one block away from where 5 police were gunned down a couple of years ago.