Photographers: Here’s Your Chance to Shoot a Project in an NYC Studio Space Free of Charge

Photographers: Here’s Your Chance to Shoot a Project in an NYC Studio Space Free of Charge

EyeEm and Space for Arts are teaming up to give photographers free studio time in New York City to photograph and pursue passion projects. Here’s all the info you need.

As many photographers know, when an idea pops into your head that stems from a place of passion and not from a place of income or business, it can be hard to see the project come to fruition. Passion projects can be some of the most powerful personal projects a photographer takes on, but at the same time, they are hard to plan and execute due to the lack of money needed to fund them.

EyeEm, a photography community that helps empower creatives and connect creators with leading brands, in partnership with Space for Arts, a website dedicated to helping photographers find studio spaces for rent in their local area, have teamed up to provide photographers with 100 hours of free studio space throughout August to pursue passion projects.

Starting today and for the next ten days, photographers can apply for studio space in one of two NYC studios on the Space for Arts website. Jenna Black, EyeEm's Head of Brand Communications, says that the motivation behind the partnership is to “provide a space for photographers to shoot their passion projects without the burden of spending money on a space.” After the application period, both platforms will choose which passion projects to support with free studio space.

free photo studio interior studio photo

One of the gorgeous studio spaces in NYC up for grabs for photographing passion projects.

An exhibition and party hosted at Creative Shin Studio in NYC tonight at 6:30 pm EST will help kick off the partnership. If you’re interested in attending tonight’s exhibition, you can visit the Eventbrite page to RSVP.

For any photographer who’s wanted to pursue a personal passion project but hasn’t had the means to do so, this is an excellent opportunity to see their project through and to team up with some great platforms helping to bring the photography community together and raise awareness of the importance of supporting the creative community.

Lead image by Alexander Dummer via Pexels, used under Creative Commons.

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We need more posts like that! Kudos to everyone involved.

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free of charge is really a attractive project