[Pic] Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Is the Worst Photoshop I've Ever Seen

[Pic] Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Is the Worst Photoshop I've Ever Seen

Ok, maybe it's not the worst Photoshop I've ever seen but it is probably the worst Photoshop I've ever seen on the cover of a national magazine. It's definitely the worst Photoshop I've ever seen on the cover of SI. I thought the SI Swimsuit addition was supposed to be about natural beauty shot with natural light in exotic locations.

Kate Upton's face has either been completely replaced or they airbrushed the crap out of her chin and removed all realistic shadows. How could this have happened? What do you guys think? Am I over reacting or is this offensively bad?

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Seagram Pearce's picture

Do you *really* have to use the word "airbrushed" when talking about retouching? This is the 21st century.

As for the cover, it will always be generally more retouched than inside images. Not the greatest image choice for cover IMHO. Which was the start of a bad downward spiral.

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Just came across this and thought I would share... though this thread is probably done:

http://www.walteriooss.com/portfolios/73 (The original - first photo in this portfolio)

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I put a little animated Gif together to illustrate the point.

(The Gif doesn't seem to work here, you can see at: http://jobbys.tumblr.com/post/21077246034/a-touch-here-or-there-bit-heav... )

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I did a beauty / makeup shoot recently and when i had edited the pictures the model COMPLAINED !!! she could see the pores in her skin and asked if I could 'photoshop' her skin clearer !! 
I use the spot tool to remove blemishes and do a pretty good tidy up but I draw the line at this kind of paint shop retouching, it just looks like some local wannabe took a crap shot of an fugly model and relied on his 'skill' at painting to save the day.

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The retouching could have been a little better, but you are overreacting to it.  It sounds like you are a bit jealous of sort that they are publishing work that are 'below' your standards and that your work could have been there instead, or?

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maybe if she leaned forward, the M&M effect i am seeing would have been a little less pronounced.... :/

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the armpit job is more offensive to me than is the shadowing. imho.

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Retouching high-end (pardon the pun) magazine photos meant to grab men in the you know what has NEVER been about realistic retouching.   Men already like to think that chicks don't go the bathroom, don't ever have body hair unless there's something wrong with them, zits, cellulite, wrinkles or crinkles.  The only time a real woman meets that criteria (because of a horny fog) is when a guy's wearing beer goggles or is about a key turn from entering their apartment after the third date.  

Also, I don't know that SI is every specificially been touted as natural light and natural beauty.   Loads of behind the scenes videos show a variety of shooting styles.  One year it was a guy with a point and shoot consumer end camera, other times elaborate reflectors being held and dangled by a cabal of assistants, definitely speedlights and softboxes...sure, natural light and settings are exploited but this is far from real beauty.  Most grown women can't wear a 12 year old's bikini.    She does look like every hot chick warrior in every XBox or Playstation game though.....

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Most grown women also don't care much about their bodies or eating habits (before you get offended, the same applies for men: look at obesity rates). You hear all these fat Linda's always complaining about this not being how real women look. Well, those fat Linda's are correct. However, if they got off their asses to do some exercise and ate healthy, they could look like what you see in the magazines.

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Vel, not offended. In theory if anyone ate better and got off their asses they'd look better and sometimes great but to look like a 9 year old girl with big breasts you have to do a lot more than that. I just read an interview with 90's model Carrie Otis (mickey rourke's girl for years and major runway and SI model). She was super hot, looked bodacious in pix and was also slim enough to do runway which is like a human coathanger. her testimony of keeping that look was that she had to work out 2+hours every day, smoke a lot and eat almost nothing. And she still got retouched in cover shots and mag layouts. AND not to forget, she was in her 20's. "most" grown women at some point have kids, their age causes all sorts of terrible things to shift, drop, sag and get hairy. Some women, who are famous or married into wealth (so they don't have to spend their days maintaining a biz or career that keeps that wealth rolling in) ...they have time to work out, live a life of leisure, chair charity events, go shopping, walk and do the citibike or Malibu yoga thing. Most normal grown women really actually work, don't have much help in the trenches with kids, house upkeep, yardwork, etc. If I'm lucky i can run to the gym after my husb. gets home from work at 7pm I work taking pix the rest of the time and editing-in between all the other monstrously boring things i have to do like grocery shop (not shoe shop), raking and thatching my own acre (as opposed to telling a gardener what to do etc. and fight with children. These model girls are totally gorgeous sans make up, sans photoshopping, sans blowdryer up-do, sans tropical sunset. But they don't maintain their prepubescent weight by just getting off their asses and working out. Russian Photographer guy below this comment has it right, these girls are the most beautiful YOUNG PERFECT girls in the WORLD. THey don't need that kind of photoshopping. But advertising is selling a fantasy they want normal women and men to buy into . Dolly Parton and Cher are airbrushed WAY more than a young woman, though. THeir photoshoppage is terrifying. The hottest looking older broad is CHristie Brinkley. She is 60 and rocks a bikini without shame via instagram, no photoshopping.

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Nobody's buying a magazine to look at the women they see every day at work or out and about. And theres a nice middle ground between your Everday Evelyn and the uber sexualized models normally featured on SI.

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well you are a liar.. i bet my nuts that is not the worst photoshop job you have seen.....

and yes.. that happens when you have cameras with to much DYNAMIC RANGE... the shadows will look faked..


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The image below the featured image isn't loading for some reason. It shows a broken link.

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And old media companies like Sports Illustrated and Playboy wonder why they are going broke.

They fly the models, photographers and crew all over the world to shoot pictures and then come back home and ruin the photos with awful retouching that looks like cartoons.

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Is it a swimsuit addition or swimsuit edition?

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I'm not looking at the photoshop work, I'm at something completely different.