[Pics] Asphalt Archeology: Objects Embedded in New York Streets

Is there anything we won't point our lenses at? I really hope not other wise we wouldn't have curious works, such as Mike Mission's "Asphalt Archeology”. A photo series where Mike photographs artifacts he finds embedded in the streets of New York City. How many of these objects can you identify?

via [LaughingSquid] [Mike'sFlickrPage]
From Kenn:
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My keys!

A few of those are brake parts, which is a little bit troubling... 

Yeah, and there is a belt buckle and a bicycle pedal... I'm trying not to think how those parts ended up in the street...

Jeff Todd's picture

I like the chain and what looks like an old microphone (9pics after the chain). I wonder if the street dept was in that much of a hurry to pave. Or, were those items just ran over and beat into the street?

the bottle is funny because it shows what trash does when not properly disposed of.

The city doesn't wait for you to pick up your pieces. It eats them.