[Pics] Classic Animal Photo Bombs

What better way to start your work week, after the long Thanksgiving vacation, than to ease in with some amusing animal photo bombs. You may have seen many of these before but they should still be good for a few mindless chuckles. Which got me thinking... with all of us photographers prolifically snapping away, at least some of us must have some hilarious photo bombs. If you do, please share them in the comments section below.

via [kikirikipics]
From Kenn:
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Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Kenn this makes me want to snuggle. 

ohno studio's picture

A few of these are actually quite good. Thanks for the humorous break.



I think some are fake.

PS. love the bear.

Andrew Hare's picture

Goats always bomb photos!

Andrew Hare's picture

(c)Andrew Hare - Facebook.com/harephoto

Samuel Joubert's picture

Hahahhaahha legendary

Great stuff!