[Pics] From Enchantment To Down: The Demise of Disney Heroines

French photographer Thomas Czarnecki's series, 'From Enchantment to Down', has been called twisted by some but for me there's more scintillating than a sinister dark fable. Thomas's work depicts alternate endings for some of Disney's most noted heroines to portray, what he calls, 'the naive universe and the innocence of the fairy tales' with 'much darker reality that is as much part of our common culture'.

"So many Disney characters embedded in the collective culture as sweet and innocent creatures that I decided to get out of their recognized fairy-tale frame and universe."

'The Little Red Riding Hood - Happy End'

'Snow White - My Sweet Prince'

'Alice - Just a Trap'

'Sleeping Beauty - Naughty Girl'

'Cinderella - Too Fast'

'The Little Mermaid - On the other Shore'

'Jasmine - One Last Wish'

'The Beauty and the Beast - Not So Romantic'

'Pocahontas - One More Trophy'

via [MailOnline]
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OziRig Pro Australia's picture

Some excellent lighting has gone into this. Very well set-up!
Not a huge fan of the Jasmine shot, but everything else is awesome.

When I saw the shot of Ariel wrapped in a trashbag,  I thought I was going to get blown away by some strong message on the environment or something-  then I noticed the images really didn't carry a message.   Bit of a let down,  but props for a different concept.

Good idea, in some great lightning. But i don't like pictures which needs explanation in the titles

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

I was thinking the same thing.  These are well done pictures, but if you have to explain what you are trying to do - you are trying too hard, or not hard enough. Art should be able to speak for itself.

It's a good idea/concept and I kind of like images, but something doesn't quite hit the mark and I can't put my finger on what it is.

Perhaps seeing the model's faces would have made a difference? Perhaps they are actually not shocking enough?

Saying that though, I am not sure I could have done better.

Great colors, I think I saw something very similar lately....

Odd to see these.  I have been doing a ongoing themed series of this exact concept since 2010. I guess it is true, there are no more completely original ideas. 

Its strange to me that for the most part the female characters are seen as victims in very submissive positions......where is the dominatrix Snow White with her Seven love slaves? Where is Little Red Riding Hood enjoying some while while turning the wolf on a rotisserie? 

i love them , i only wish I would have taken them myself :)

Very well done. These images make a statement - Stop and look, can u believe this?

I can't believe the comments above. Rob_Stark wrote that he doesn't appreciate photography that needs explanation. First of, I hope you're a family photographer, otherwise you might find your photos need not only titles, but, wait for it, captions! Yes, sometimes you actually need 1000+ words.
Titles are not always meant to be explanations. And certainly not in this case, as the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. They show violence against women, a subject common in many fairy tales, before Disney sprinkled them with rainbow dust.
This series is surely not the best work addressing the issue, but it is very simple, and, contrary to the evidence in comments above, I still think it's very clear. It could be a base for a great awareness campain.

 One thing I'd say, I'm not a fan of the repetitiveness here. I don't mean duplicates of the same scene, I actually think this part is quite neat. But take the shoe. I get it, it symbolizes sex, but if a girl has her knickers on display, I can't see why we'd need any more hints. So why not mix it up? With different positioning of models, for instance., 

Stefan Choquette's picture

I'm in the same boat with most people here. I really like the concept and how the photos are taken, but I'd like to give the photographer another crack at this after some criticism. The only theme I'm seeing here is chicks in bright clothes, face down, one shoe off. There could be a stronger subtext.

The title image, is worlds more interesting than the rest.

When you have to assume in an image to understand what's happening, that's a fail of a storyline.

I get it.  This guy has a fetish for downed heroines.  Bravo. For browsing this gallery, and feeling like I'm looking at the same images I just looked at, save for 2, I take it back, though.