[Pics] Erotic Imagery in the Everyday (Safe for Work... I Think)

[Pics] Erotic Imagery in the Everyday (Safe for Work... I Think)

Blommers and Niels Schumm are a pair of Amsterdam-based photographers that have the ability to take photos with shifting perspectives. What may seem like boring stills at first takes on a whole new meaning during a second glance. Or if you are like me, a part of the soil minded, you see the eroticism first and only later see the hallway for what it is. These shots where taken for Baron Magazine where it was Blommers & Schumm intent to take everyday objects and make them appear subtly erotic.

"It’s nice that people think they are perverts, looking at these boring still lifes..."

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The colours and lines, can't unsee it now...

Love it. Illusion is one of my favorites things about photography. :)

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 Good eyes but still good shot

Lol dude, its the girl pic thats fake.

No shit Sherlock :D

fake. it IS a lamp. You dont think her thighs look a little odd, do you?

great illusions :oDJake closeup is "safe for work" hehe 

 i always liked this one

bwahahahaha. comedy

Here's a subliminal message. A bit too obvious. 

This is why I like men.

superb! Bravo!

sorry don´t get the second one.. all is see is a book.

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RichardMaciver's picture

Are you just recycling old content now? I'm sure i saw these photographs months ago. Yawn. 

Okay... I'm looking at this again almost a year later, and I still can't see anything in the second image...

What the hell is that supposed to be?

I think it looks like it's meant to be legs with red-frilled black shorts

Cleavage and a black bra.

You gotta kinda defocus your eyes and look slightly past it, then it's painfully obvious and clever.

This has been posted before.