[Pics] Explosive Cauliflower: A Lesson in Creative Photography

Don't let me ever hear you say, "Man there just isn't anything worth shooting anymore. It's all been done before." Cause if you do I'll point you to artist Brock Davis and remind you that, if dude can make a shoot with nothing but creativity, imagination and cauliflower you have no excuses. Brock recreates three famous explosions: The Hindenburg disaster, the bombing of Nagasaki, and the Challenger disaster.

via [LaughingSquid]
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Omar's picture

Now...it's (really) all been done before.

Love the challenger pic

OK ... the flavor of this vegetable (? still one right?) is not that good but, only associate it with disasters isn't too much? 

Bad taste to me

That's creative and all.. but it would be nice if it were more than him placing broccoli in his studio.

There are only so many famous explosions he can recreate.