[Pics] Hauntingly Beautiful Winter Landscapes

Russian photographer Daniel Korzhonov has turned out some hauntingly beautiful winter landscape photography while trekking around the Ukrainian republic of Crimea. Armed with only his Nikon D80 a propensity for soft focas and the unique weather patterns of Crimea, Daniel has pulled off some shots that look nothing short of alien... mystical... surreal...? Ah! Take a look for yourself and pick your own adjective.

"I am attracted to the theme of man and the mountains: how man is small and helpless in comparison with the peaks of the mountains, but at the same time he can conquer it, can fight with itself and survive in the wilderness of rock, moving higher and higher.
Mainly, my photos are taken in deep fog in the morning. Crimea is a small peninsula at the Black Sea. So clouds cover the mountains in the morning. And my mission is to harvest the rare moments of sun coming through the cold winter clouds. The heart [of the photographs] is the light in the scene."

-Daniel Korzhonov-

via [Co.Design]
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Sean Shimmel's picture

Led Zeppelin and their Misty Mountain Hop would be proud indeed  :)

Stunning work.

Phillip Simmons's picture

outstanding, what an ethereal feel