[Pics] Lighting your Shots with Explosions

[Pics] Lighting your Shots with Explosions

Joschi Herczeg and Daniele Kaehr are the two artist behind this small series entitled, "Explosion". They synced a camera with custom built detonators in order to capture explosions occurring in mundane surrounding, which seems to further the sense of stillness and peace in what is otherwise a chaotic process. I'm not sure if it's the aesthetics of these shots that gets me jazzed or the idea that I could use it as an excuse to blow things up while photographing. Either way, it got my attention.
As stated in their bios:
“Their fascination lay in making order out of chaos and freezing an ephemeral creation; each image is like a chance sculpture—the artists themselves were uncertai colour n of the shape, and size they would form.”

via [MyModernMet]

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That's pretty cool!

I love this

Wow... I would love to see a BTS of this.. Would like to see the shutter speed, and the triggering device..

beautiful! @apercep:disqus I can't be positive on how it was done, but they could have used a peanut slave and wired it to the camera instead of the flash. The explosion would have to be really bright though.

they look to be electronically fired charges.. i wonder if the shutter was on the same trigger?

Seen the face in the first picture?

 It amazes me how well the human brain is adapted to recognize facial features..

 I thought it is done in PS :D

Sam Billingham's picture

Wow thats crazy, i love it. I didn't notice until you said but now can't not see it.

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wonderful images

wtf the face is spooky looool