[Pics] The Many Possible Faces of Hitler

[Pics] The Many Possible Faces of Hitler

Towards the end of World War II, concerns that Hitler would flee Germany with a new identity, spurred U.S. intelligence officials to have New York makeup artist Eddie Senz to produce various portraits of Hitler as he might have altered his appearance. Der Spiegel, a German news site, published the images in the 1990′s, but the U.S. National Archives in Washington DC have only recently released the photos with improved resolution. So, clever Fstopper readers, by looking at these shots... how do you think Eddie Senz produced these pre-Photoshop photo manipulations?

via [TheBlaze]

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I think he painted or literally drew it on the prints

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I guess they were produced/modified in the darkroom - called Photoshop Cave Art 1 ;)

The second picture is Hank Kingsley.. "Hey now..!"

Mmm...the old guy on the other table looks just like him......

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He probably got Hitler in the studio and had a makeup artist apply fake beards, comedy bald heads etc...

hahaha good one... 

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Hmmm, DeVilbis or Paasche Aerograph? (Airbrushing was already well underway by the turn of the century)

they stacked film in the darkroom