[Pics] A Perfectly Balanced Model (Maddie the Coonhound)

Most of us started out the same. Having got our first camera the hunt for a subject/model ensued. And sooner or later your early muse comes along. Usually your girlfriend, boyfriend, child or even yourself. But Theron Humphrey may have found the perfectly balanced model in Maddie. A Coonhound with cat like equilibrium and a propensity for posing.

From Kenn:
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One of the best things you posted here lately 

Third last image ...Maddie, "THIS is embarrassing!"

Second last image ....Maddie, "do I have to go pose again?"
Last image ...Maddie, "not do'in it!"

This dog needs to be selling something... a dog/photographer combo this good should be rich from these shots!

Now this was entertaining! HA! My 4 year old was laughing so hard.

Joni's picture

I LOVE Maddie!  She is beautiful!  You call her a Coonhound, but I have a male that looks like he could be her brother. He is  years old his mother is a blue tick hound, his daddy is an American bull dog. No I'm NOT kidding. I tell people I have a Bada-- huntin dog, trouble is h only hunts the couch. The one of Maddie on the couch looks like mine on the couch trying to convience me he is invisible to keep from having to go outside!