[Pics] Portraits of Boxers, Before and After a Match

They call it the gentleman's sport but if photographer Nicolai Howalt has shown anything with his portrait photo project, "141 boxers" it's that this sport is anything but gentle. Well that and some of these guys need to learn to keep their hands up.

via [WallToWatch]
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some of they look better after the fight

about the last photo. did she go boxing or sunbathing?

Funny to see, that the girls hardly have any marks in their faces after the match :)

Joop van Roy's picture

 In fact the first girl seems like she's about to cry. Not trying to be sexist...just pointing it out :)

Francesco Gregori's picture

some of them look the same, except for a few bloodstain. Don't know if everyone of them have had a real fight or a photoshop make-up. 
In any case not so interesting series for me...

It's amazing how much the face bloats and puffs up from swelling. You don't see this when watching a fight since its a slow progression live. But seeing the before right next to after....crazy!