[Pics] Portraits of Couples Who Have Swapped Identities

Canadian photographer Hana Pesut put together a fun series entitled, "Switcheroo". The incredibly simple concept, of photographing couples, having them switch clothing and then photographing them again, is surprisingly effective at getting you to do a double take. Each subject seems to take on an entirely new identity, not unlike their counterparts.

via [Fubiz]
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I wish these were cropped a little tighter because it appears the facial demeanor and gender has changed too.  It appears to show but I can't tell for sure.    

This is the greatest thread in the world.

Sander van der Veen's picture

Great series, well executed!! :)

Wonderful stuff. Can't help wondering about the practical stuff - how did some of those big blokes fit their feet into dainty little girly shoes? What happens when a couple are very different sizes? Did any of the women's clothes split at the seams when their larger partners tried to squeeze into them?

Love a man in a skirt. (That's the Scot in me talking)

brilliant idea, love it :)

I imagine you could appreciate these much more at a larger size. I agree with what someone else wrote in a previous comment. Being able to see the faces would be awesome. I bet these would be hilarious as 16x20's. Cool series though, maybe not the best for a small sized web gallery, but excellent for print.

They look very Portlandia.

What a fabulous idea ~ very well executed.....and such fun.  I would imagine a "behind the scenes" video of these shoots would be great!