[Pics] Striking Macro Shots of Bullet Impacts

[Pics] Striking Macro Shots of Bullet Impacts

My childhood was filled with shooting things and marveling at the aftermath but it took photographer Deborah Bay to capture the results for all to see. Deborah took striking shots (pun intended) of various caliber bullets, after being fired into bullet resistent Plexiglas. Armed with the support of professionals at the Public Safety Institute and her Contax 645 with a 120 macro lens, she captured a phenomenon few of us get to experience.

"I began thinking about “The Big Bang” after seeing a sales display of bullet-proof plexiglas that had projectiles embedded in it. The plexiglas captured the fragmentation of the bullets and provided a visual record of the energy released on impact. As I began to explore this concept further, I also was intrigued by the psychological tension created between the jewel-like beauty and the inherent destructiveness of the fragmented projectiles. Many of the images resemble exploding galaxies, and visions of intergalactic bling sublimate the horror of bullets meeting muscle and bone. In fact, Susan Sontag described the camera as “a sublimation of the gun” — load, aim and shoot."

.45 hollow point

12-gauge buckshot

1-oz. shotgun slug

9mm ball

.22 long rifle

.44 Magnum



.357 hollow point

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And just for kicks, I thought I would throw "Guns" by Electric Method in there.

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Awesome :)

Guns don't kill, bullets do.