[Pics] Two Great Series: A Professional Baby and An Invisible Man

Paris based photographer Malo "Monday Monday" shot a baby series that is absolutely adorable. Ya that's right I said adorable. What of it? But as I began looking into his work to get some background I found an older series that I liked too. Not being able to choose which to post I said f#@k it and decided to post both. The first series entitled,"Un jour, mon enfant tu seras" (One Day, My Child, You Will Be), features a baby in a multitude of career uniforms and is meant to reflect the mind of a parent who is looking at their child and imagining their future. The second series is called, "La vie ordinaire d'un homme invisible"(The Ordinary Life of an Invisible Man) and depicts an average man and his nuclear family. The twist being he is invisible, or maybe he just doesn't feel present in his life. If you had to post only one of these two series which would it be and why? Net trolls need not respond... but I know you will.

"Un jour, mon enfant tu seras" (One Day, My Child, You Will Be)

"La vie ordinaire d'un homme invisible"(The Ordinary Life of an Invisible Man)

via [MyModernMet] [HouHouHaHa]
From Kenn:
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Tom Coles's picture

I'd pick the Invisible Man series.  More interesting as well as technical.  With that said, the fireplace scene was stuuuupid and takes away from the other shoots.

Cool house!

mfmg's picture

Both were entertaining. Thanks Ken.

Brendan O'Shea's picture

Fireplace shot = funny! Really adds to the other shots.

Simon Ouellet's picture

Actually, the title of the first serie would rather be "One day, my child, you will be". A slight difference in syntax, but it will keep the meaning intact. ;)

By the way, two really nice series from a photographer I just discover. And may I say this is a cute wife for a shadowless man...

Kenn Tam's picture

I appreciate the help Simon.  Grade 8, Canadian French only get's me so far.  I updated the post, thanks for getting my back.

Simon Ouellet's picture

No problem Kenn ! My English is probably as good as your French. ;)

Robertt1's picture

You are right about translation!

love the fire place scene it was clever sensorship on the photographer's part.

Jesse Rodriguez's picture

I saw one of the baby photos wheres he's a boxer being used on a Facebook page with no credit to the photographer, and put the company logo. Not cool