[Pics] Wickedly Humorous Anthropomorphic Photography

Thanks to The Wired's Jakob Schiller for reminded me of one of photography's most creative, comedic and provocative shooters out there. I'm of course talking about sculptor and photographer Terry Border, who is well know for his "Bent Objects" anthropomorphic photography. Looking at Terry's photos will remind you of how you use to feel when you heard a wickedly dirty joke during your childhood.

If you look at any one of these photos and say to yourself, "I don't get it", then look longer cause Terry's puns and innuendos can escape some, on first glance. But as risque as some of his work is, many of you may find it a bit tame for your taste. If that's the case be sure to check out his work for big kids at: Really Bent. Just keep in mind that it's a NSFW site.

"I don’t mean for everything to be funny. We all have different perspectives and my perspective happens to be kind of strange and twisted. Whatever I do, I just want to have a good time with it."
-Terry Border-

Terry's first used Canon PowerShot and flashlights for his work but has since upgraded to a Canon 5D with more advanced lighting.
via [BentObjects] [Wired]
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Clever, funny, and awesome.

Reminds me of Gary Larson and the FarSide.  Very clever indeed!

Very, very cool.

romain vernede's picture

really in love with his work!!
Sure I'm still a big child!!!

Michael Kormos's picture

These are brilliant!  The lemon one takes #1 in my book