Pixelstick - Light Painting Evolved

BitBanger Labs out of Brooklyn, NY has launched a Kickstarter project that is quite the game changer for photographers who enjoy light painting. With the new Pixelstick you can "add photoreal images, abstract designs, and animation to your long exposure photos and timelapses."

Pixelstick is an innovative new product being launched through crowd funding that if it reaches it's goal, which I'd be surprised if it doesn't, would ship out it's product in May 2014. I can already imagine all the cool images hitting the market at that time using the Pixelstick. It really takes light painting to a whole new level. In short the way it works is that you can upload any image or various images that you would like to light paint to an SD card and then into the Pixelstick. The "stick" then displays that image one line at a time through an array of 198 full-color RGB LEDs so that as you move it your image is painted into your photograph. The results are mind blowing.

Fstoppers Pixelstick Light Painting Evolved 2

Fstoppers Pixelstick Light Painting Evolved 3

Fstoppers Pixelstick Light Painting Evolved 4

Fstoppers Pixelstick Light Painting Evolved 5

Be sure to check out the video the guys at BitBanger have put together on their Kickstarter page and read more about the Pixelstick. I've already tossed my money behind it as a backer and can't wait to get my hands on my new Pixelstick when they come out.

[Via Colossal]

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Trevor Dayley's picture

My mind is already buzzing with ideas on how to have fun with this!

Abraham Yang's picture

They should try Shark Tank. haha... Groundbreaking.

stevengrosas's picture

I would agree, but they would take to much equity. I wanna see these guys make it on their own.

Andrew Griswold's picture

This is incredible, never really got into using light painting in my photography but this seems like a legit reason to start! Haha

Andrew Fleming's picture

I'd buy one!

greg tennyson's picture

It's got great commercial potential. I'd love to see it in a McGuire's car care advertisement or something like that.

Guest's picture

Yo Dawg

Guest's picture

I heard Xzibit is backing it

Chris D Johnson's picture

Xzibit is on board

Kevin Younger's picture

Hahaha!!! :D

Lorenzo P's picture

lol haha

Chris D Johnson's picture

Can a moderator please delete a couple of my last posts? I accidentally triple posted and cant delete 2 of them = sorry!! (and this one)

Eric Duminil's picture

Looks great. Flickr lightpainting pictures will get really interesting.

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Andre Goulet's picture

Okay, I love it... but $60.00 to ship it to Canada? Ain't gonna happen.