Politician Reported to Have Spent Nearly $165,000 on Photography Expenses

Politician Reported to Have Spent Nearly $165,000 on Photography Expenses

Over the past three years, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs minister, Eamon Gilmore, was reported to have spent €119,284 on photography. We members of the photography community may think, “So what?” but that's a whopping $163,408 US dollars, in a world that seems to be discouraged with paying photographers their dues.

Gilmore’s considerable expenditure made news on Sunday, derived from “Dáil questions...on the ‘total photography costs’ of all Government departments.” For all our non-Irish readers, Dáil questions are asked by government deputies and directed at Public Affairs officials of various government departments, generally relating to politicians’ accountability. Sounds like a more solidified type of American press conference…


Fianna Fail justice spokesman, Niall Collins, asked how much the "total photography costs" of all Government departments. “A somewhat defensive reply informed Mr. Collins that ‘a significant number’ of major State events, such as the State visit by Queen Elizabeth II, the visit by US President Barack Obama and the EU presidency had occurred during the period.”

I’m not surprised that the Department of Foreign Affairs had the highest expense. But he outdid the prime minister, Enda Kenny, who spent a mere €86,468 since 2011. That'd’ be the equivalent of Secretary John Kerry outdoing President Barack Obama, which might not be inconceivable!

What do you think? Is it really controversial that a politician spent $165,000 on photography over three years?

[via Independent]

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How much does Pete Souza, Obama's personal photographer, get paid? I couldn't find it on the web. Looks like it might max out at $172,200.

Beat me to it...seriously, Pete makes AT LEAST $100k a year....and he's been there for almost 6 years now..PLUS he has a staff of like 2 or 3 other shooters....each makes, say, $75k MINIMUM each......it adds up for sure

Probably on par with what Eric Draper (President Bush's personal photographer) earned during his 8 years. The job of the Official Photographer is to document the President's time in the White House. You are up when the President is. You go where the President goes. Draper took over 1 million photos of Bush. So if Souza matches that at 175K/year, he is earning about a $1/shot gross. Would you work for that on a job that is probably similar to shooting a wedding for 8 years straight?

I have no doubt Pete earns his 172K (assuming that is the right figure). He probably has terrible hours and is on call 24/7. Considering Obama's Christmas Vacation this year cost taxpayers $4,000,000, I don't think Pete's well earned salary tops the list of overspending concerns.


You ought to see what NASA spends on photography and artist, (on earth not space).