Proof that Great Photography has Little to do with your Wallet

Proof that Great Photography has Little to do with your Wallet

Avanaut (aka Vesa Lehtimäki) is proof that creativity, ingenuity and photography know how, are the qualities that make an intriguing photo. With out a camera worth thousands of dollars or pencil thin models, Avanaut has turned out some dynamic shots, using primarily, Star Wars lego figures. His use of light, perspective and inexpensive props, produced some very cool dramatic scenes full of motion. See the results for yourself and check out Avanaut's Flickr Stream for more wonderful shots.

via [GeekTyrant] [Avanaut's Flickr Stream]
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Tom Sherwood's picture

Amazing shots Vesa.  I would love to know how you accomplished the movement of the snow.  Is it flour or photoshop or some other awesomeness.  Very well done.  I also love toys.

That is SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!  I really appreciate the creativity!!!! 

well i guess these images takes some photoshop work .. so that is another 900 $ from your wallet.  :)

but yes... i love it.

Lol bro, you don't need $900 to have Photoshop

Idk, all that cocaine the storm troopers were playing in. must have been pretty expensive braj.