Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

My eye recently got pulled towards "Reflections". A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

via [WallToWatch]
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writersbloc's picture

Love the concept, beautifully done. 

Chord C's picture

This is nice!

Carbon 43's picture

Completely evocative. When pictures speak to the viewer deep inside, this is to have succeeded. Color me moved.

Steven Hyatt's picture

How beautiful. I love it. Very well done Tom.

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

So many people showcase images, assisted by photoshop, as a magic trick to show off. It's beautiful to see how certain techniques can create powerful stories. 

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Eric Gould's picture

Might be my all time favorite!

Mark J P's picture

This is a superb idea and really wonderfully done. :)

mfmg's picture

Very interesting and well executed.

Very beautiful and quite moving.

How beautiful. Thank you for creating this.

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Garrett Graham's picture

Love it very nice!

Laura Eliza's picture

Absolutely amazing and beautiful. I'm sharing this with everyone I know!

well done, I like

Victoria Li's picture

Amazing. Visual representation of how much the elderly in our society have experienced and can teach us. Best thing I've seen all day. 

Amy Anderson's picture

This is so great! I work in a nursing home and many of my residents have alzheimer's -- one of my guys doesn't see himself when he looks in the mirror, he thinks he's looking through a window and seeing his good friend

michele andhersun's picture

my wonderful Dad used to look in his mirror and say " Who you? " ... he also used to tell the kids " your belly button is for your salt when you are eating tomatoes in bed .... "
I miss him

Sammy Law's picture

Your dad sounds like he was a pretty cool guy.

michele andhersun's picture

that he definitely was - the epitomy of a rare old fashioned gentleman ... I never once witnessed him saying anything mean about anyone - ever - and he is sorely missed

Archies_Boy's picture

Blessings on your Dad!

Rachel Edgington's picture

The last one really got me teary eyed since my grandma is a nurse and it's becoming painfully aware of how frail and old they are getting.. 

bressennuit's picture

and yet, there is a younger nurse behind struck me more as a "new generation follows those that have gone on before"

asicgeek's picture

My mom is also a nurse. I saw this as 'I am here to help you, as you have spent your whole life helping others.'

Prem Mukherjee's picture

This is one of the coolest photo ideas I've seen in a while.  great job!

Martinhambleton's picture

A wonderful idea, very sympathetically executed.  Once again, the simplest idea turns out to be the best.  

Jonny Carroll's picture

Love it!

Sid J's picture

Very nicely done, beautiful concept

Andreas Kancelar's picture

amazing !

Most enjoyable thanks

Karen Anderson's picture

Have looked at these quite a few times very special, poignant, beautiful. Thank you.

Glenn Batson's picture

Super cool!

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Cosmin Iftode's picture

Great work, it really moved me.

Dave Meuchel's picture

What everyone else above me said. Terrific idea & well executed!

DHuff0220's picture

This is a very delightful concept.  Well done.

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PT2738's picture

Oh how true!! Thanks!!

just a girl's picture

Love them!

Mike Macdonald's picture

I enjoyed this :)

Fernando Garcia's picture

Wao! This images are very inspiring. Fantastic work. I stared and felt each photo.

sdavidweaver's picture

Not clear if the images in the mirror are from actual photos of the subject when they were young, or these are models selected to represent the subject.

L. Jensen's picture


rachel's picture

you seriously don't get what they were saying? wow. sdavidweaver, i am wondering the same thing.

L. Jensen's picture

Rachel, please read Bianca's comments below. I get what he was saying, I just don't GET why anyone would ask the question. This is art. It is supposed to be symbolic and thought provoking. Whether or not the reflections are acurate representations of the subjects is irrelevant.

Robert J. Williamson's picture

L. Jensen - You speak for the entire wold do you? Actually I am interested to know if he has manipulated real images or used models. Perhaps you simply do not have an inquisitive mind, as clearly you think being arrogant and superior to others passes for intelligence.

corvus1970's picture

They were simply curious. There's no need to decry and dismiss their curiosity in this way.

Ash's picture

I think they are models because the poses of the reflection are almost identical and are too high quality. This doesn't effect the power of this piece though, I still love the concept.

James's picture

I assumed they were actual images taken when younger but coloured to match however the lighting is almost too perfectly matched. Its not the average lighting which would have been around at the time for stock standard portraits. It would be good to know if models were used.

Miranda Kemp's picture

I love what you're doing!

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