Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

My eye recently got pulled towards "Reflections". A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

via [WallToWatch]
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Karen Anderson's picture

Have looked at these quite a few times very special, poignant, beautiful. Thank you.

Glenn Batson's picture

Super cool!

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Cosmin Iftode's picture

Great work, it really moved me.

Dave Meuchel's picture

What everyone else above me said. Terrific idea & well executed!

DHuff0220's picture

This is a very delightful concept.  Well done.

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PT2738's picture

Oh how true!! Thanks!!

just a girl's picture

Love them!

Mike Macdonald's picture

I enjoyed this :)

Fernando Garcia's picture

Wao! This images are very inspiring. Fantastic work. I stared and felt each photo.

sdavidweaver's picture

Not clear if the images in the mirror are from actual photos of the subject when they were young, or these are models selected to represent the subject.

L. Jensen's picture


rachel's picture

you seriously don't get what they were saying? wow. sdavidweaver, i am wondering the same thing.

L. Jensen's picture

Rachel, please read Bianca's comments below. I get what he was saying, I just don't GET why anyone would ask the question. This is art. It is supposed to be symbolic and thought provoking. Whether or not the reflections are acurate representations of the subjects is irrelevant.

Robert J. Williamson's picture

L. Jensen - You speak for the entire wold do you? Actually I am interested to know if he has manipulated real images or used models. Perhaps you simply do not have an inquisitive mind, as clearly you think being arrogant and superior to others passes for intelligence.

corvus1970's picture

They were simply curious. There's no need to decry and dismiss their curiosity in this way.

Ash's picture

I think they are models because the poses of the reflection are almost identical and are too high quality. This doesn't effect the power of this piece though, I still love the concept.

James's picture

I assumed they were actual images taken when younger but coloured to match however the lighting is almost too perfectly matched. Its not the average lighting which would have been around at the time for stock standard portraits. It would be good to know if models were used.

Miranda Kemp's picture

I love what you're doing!

VirginiaK's picture

Nice idea, and relevant to how life is really experienced, but I'd like this much much much better if he'd used real pictures of these people when they were young, rather than representations staged by him.

Bianca's picture

using that person's actual photo wouldn't have really worked with this, though...The art has to "flow" and the images of the people, from both sides of the mirror, needed to have similar color, pose, facial expression, etc, etc. for this to work...It is beautiful and perfect, just as it is...

Bianca's picture

...You have to remember that this is art...using these people's actual photos, of when they were younger, would have made it just look like a photo collage where someone had stuck pics together to compare someone's younger self to their current self...It wouldn't have looked like the presentable art piece that it is...

Archies_Boy's picture

Do you really expect all of these people to actually *have* such photos???

VirginiaK's picture

If that's a question looking to be answered -- yes, I was thinking of a project that involved some people, not necessarily these exact people, who did happen to have photographs of themselves in their younger days.

Archies_Boy's picture

This isn't a case of being literal. It's a case of setting up a concept. This is art, with photography and photographic manipulation as the medium. Indeed, this is one of the best examples of using Photoshop's abilities to serve an artistic concept that I've ever seen. If it took using models to represent the younger selves and Photoshop magic to put them into the mirrors, then so be it, and congratulations to Tom Hussey for bringing it off so successfully. (The time of film is over, and the time of digital processing has been solidly established. This series is an example of one of the benefits.)

tom721's picture

WOW!! What a wonderful series!! Thank you!!

kathy's picture

This is a great idea and I'd like to hear more about thiis. I am sure our seniors hold precious memories Our country does not credit them enough

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Stacey Leigh Kenny's picture

Love it, it shows that we will grow old some day and we should treat all people equally as we will all be old one day.Young people tend to think they are invincible, we will all be in the same boat one day and I don't like the word old either as i don't think 70 is old and I'm 22.

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