Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

My eye recently got pulled towards "Reflections". A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

via [WallToWatch]
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Rebecca Gonzalez's picture

Honestly, this brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful study. It is beautiful and touching. I would like to do this with my parents. I think it respects their lives... I am hoping people don't feel it is sad about being older. It is just the passage of time and every moment that has carved a line on the faces. I love that children are in the photos as well. Awesome.

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Nadine Lingenfelter-Partridge's picture

What an absolutely beautiful tribute to aging. We can not go back to who we were, but it does not hurt to remember how we got to where we are. Ever step is a mile marker to cherish and remember.

Great idea, would love to see more

IamBullyproofMusic's picture

This is so beautiful it brings tears! Why don't we ask more questions of the older people in our society? Why don't we respect them more, and maybe learn from them instead of just bowing down to "youth" as the most interesting frontier?

Keve59hu's picture

Thought provoking. Thank you.

Robyn26's picture

Brought tears to my eyes. Very moving. Amazing work!

Oriana Photography's picture

This is really cool. Is there somewhere where the photographer explains his process? I'd love to learn more on how he got and manipulated the "young" images, and also how the subjects he photographed reacted to the project.

Jean-Marc Jon Deschamps's picture

WOW! Just amazing.

Che Correa's picture

This is so amazing and moving. I loved every minute of looking at these images!

mary samples's picture

When you get to be 76 years,as I am,You'll more clearly understand the truths behind this series...Love your work..Thanks for sharing...

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Navybrat's picture

Wonderful!! Please do more!! These are lovely.

Ellee Neilands's picture

Lovely tribute.

Sabrina Lannon's picture

These are great!! What are the patches on their arms for? (all the ones showing their arms).

Erica Olivier's picture

Oh my gosh, these are heartbreakingly beautiful.

Catherine533's picture

Oh my!!!! I love this. I am a 21 year old trapped in a 55+ body. Just a few days ago, I was trying to explain to a young friend how my eyes "looking out from me" haven't changed. But when I see myself in a mirror now it kinda shocks me because it is not the 21 year old looking back.

Kristy Reagan's picture

I love this. When I've aged I would like to remember this so that I can have it done for me. Lovely work and a lovely idea.

Susan K's picture

I'm a former surgical nurse. Whenever we had elderly patients come in for hip replacement, often they were disoriented, frail, etc. I always tried to picture them as a young man or woman, handsome or beautiful, with special gifts and talents, raising their families, working at challenging careers, etc. I felt it gave them some dignity, that they were not just "someone old"... This reminds me of that.

Lee's picture

Wow, wow. It sure does tell a story. Very nice! I think I want one. It will help me today to reflect on things. Just what I needed to see. Thanks so much!

Lauralee Stevenson Olson Ellio's picture

OMG, brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the beautiful images. This getting old stuff really sucks. I remember when . . .

bunnychi75's picture

This made me smile...and tear up, too! Wonderfully done! :D

esauboeck's picture

These are really sweet and poignant. I'm trying to figure out, though, if the young images are actual photos of the elderly as they appeared when they were young. Or have you just used composites that look somewhat like them?

S Montjoy's picture

This is exactly what I try and see when I look at the elderly. I look at my Grandparents and I see them as they were when they were my age. Thank you to the one who did this I would love to see more.

Julia Miller's picture

These are artworks in the vein of Norman Rockwell, my favorite artist of all time. Just fabulous.

Yuliya Marcer's picture

These are wonderful and incredibly touching. In not so distant future, this will be us, thank you for that reminder.

alliepat's picture

These are so great!

c_dynes's picture

Beautiful. Kudos.

Jeremy L's picture

Hope this is done for me when I'm up there in that age group.

Kim's Kitchen Sink's picture

This series makes me feel sad and scared about getting old...but I appreciate being moved like this. Really beautiful series.

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