Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

My eye recently got pulled towards "Reflections". A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

via [WallToWatch]
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Raziel Abulafia's picture

Here's a way to make this idea have more impact by helping the elderly wear photo buttons of themselves when younger:

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Jeeshan Chowdhury's picture

Great concept! I'm in medicine and I've found that it subtly helps me understand the patient when they have old photos of themselves, their families, and life in the hospital room.

Barbara Fischer's picture

I sincerely hope that I won't be doing this (wistfully remembering a young and attractive version of myself) when I'm old. I hope to be busy with happier activities.

linda's picture

I think you miss the point. It's not looking in the mirror wistfully remembering a young and attractive version of yourself, but instead that regardless of how old you are and look you still feel young and attractive on the inside. I remember my mom telling me one day that she may be 50 years old, she still felt like she was just 21 on the inside

Meme's picture

really had me thinking...especially of the nurse [which I am] and the lady sitting on the vanity like I do when I make up my face was thought provoking and sad - a reality check too as we all are going to be old one day and only if it is GOD willing!

Ethel Llena's picture

What a great idea. I think I can pull up some old photos and do something like this myself. Thanks a lot.

Raj'Media Muyingo's picture

How amazing this is, its truly touching.The idea is so simple and the photos tell the story without any single word. The Once Lab attendant and now an old man getting his coffee ready is striking. my oh my

eservicesindia's picture

looking through mirror of ages; love the way of presentation, touches the presence of age vs life !

lisa hornbrook's picture

Very well done. Would be cool to do with couples too-how they see each other.

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Rachel Ryder Buchanan's picture

This is beautiful.

Suzy Hillard's picture

So touching this brought tears to my eyes. It's interesting how much of the person's story is told in this one photograph - beautiful!

peted's picture

amazing ... made me pause on each picture and wonder what they were thinking about :)

Veronica's picture

love it!

Zoya S's picture

Its a heartwarming compilation. Well done

marsha's picture

WOW! This brought tears to my eyes and my mouth is still open.

This is one of the reasons I am so amazed by photography, its a moment in time that is preserved and a reflection of a life lived. Beautifully crafted. Thank You.

Yvonne Maggs's picture

That is so sweet, and well done. At my age I wonder how this has happened so quickly, still feel the same but look so different. Youth is such a fleeting thing....

Tammy Hansen's picture

This is an awesome idea! I often think I see the "younger" me in the mirror and wonder where the time has gone as well as marvel at how fast it flies by!

Regina Saunders's picture

beautiful. I understand the feeling

CJ Lengua's picture

One question: who are the subjects in the reflections? Are they pictures of the elderly models as youths, or pictures of present-day models who bear resemblance to the elderly models?

gabalafou's picture

NPR writes that the images in the reflections are of present-day models:

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Andy Harter's picture

quite beautiful...makes me feel introspective.

Joseph Bales's picture

OMG!! This touched me so deeply. My father passed away a few years ago and I remember him in his days of vigor more than how he was near the end. I see pictures of my mother in her days of youth and I know why she is so frustrated with growing old. Now I find myself looking in the mirror and wondering who this old guy looking back at me is.

alan sneed's picture

Very nice...........

Nicklaus Deyring's picture

PURE GOLD GENIUS. Seriously great work. Well done.

Daniel Lim Leng Yeow's picture

I love this.. it is what we do with life that is important

L583's picture

So the elderly in this universe would have a lot of mirrors around their bed.

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