Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were

My eye recently got pulled towards "Reflections". A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

via [WallToWatch]
From Kenn:
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Celia Naples's picture

This is so breathtakingly beautiful it made me cry.

Jill Westin's picture

This reminds me of when I told the doctor that helped my father pass on that my dad used to be a successful attorney in downtown Chicago.
You should have seen the look on the doctor's face. All he saw was an old man reduced to bag of bones wearing a diaper, not as the handsome, successful man that he once was.

Miss you dad!

Johnatan Galliano's picture

I got chills looking at these pictures. Very evocative. Very moving. Amazing work. An important concept well executed!

LisaS's picture

Wonderful concept and beautifully photographed! Love the idea, nicely done!!

Bonnie Allen's picture

I think as we look at our reflections in the mirror, we all see what we want to see!

Sharon Wood's picture

These photos are precious! I wish you'd been able to photograph my parents in this way before they passed away. Thank you for using your talents in this way.

Sam Prudente's picture

Lovely! It touched parts of me I hadn't known existed.

Lucy Randall-Knipe's picture

Are these photos of the actual person photoshopped into the mirror, or are the reflections just actor representations?

Lou Hamilton's picture

I have always wondered what causes us to age. I have sometimes thought that the beauty of youth comes from not having been burdened yet by the experiences of life and age from the accumulation of wisdom of having lived it.

Bridget Whitehead's picture

now I am old, so empathise

Marie Gee's picture

This absolutely beautiful......I want to see more :)

JoeReason's picture

I'm tearing up and I don't know why.

Judy Silver's picture

Deeply moving.

Edward Baker's picture

We will all change on the outside ,hopefully we will all stay beautiful on the inside..Lfe does leave its mark on you ...You can leave your mark on the world.........

Jackie Hammers-Crowell's picture

This is a great concept. My grandpa, who is now frail from Parkinson's Disease and losing his mental faculties from Dementia, was once a top boxer on the U.S. Navy Boxing Team. I would love to be able to see him as that young man - able bodied, sharp-minded and still waiting to meet my grandma, the love of his life.

Pamela Peterson's picture

thank you

TerryBrock's picture

Beautiful and very thought-provoking. Love it!

Robin M. Watts's picture

I am an advocate of writing life stories and these pictures reflect my reasoning in that objective. People identify themselves in ways we can't see. You made the image possible and thought provoking.

Rajiv Haque's picture

Andy White's picture

The pictures only begin to tell their stories - beautiful people, each and every one and I hope they realised their younger self's dreams:)

donnalandersgeorge's picture

In what is now decades ago, I asked my Nana what it was like be old. I was 17. She was in her 60's, as I myself am now. Silence hung in the air for a few moments. Then, she turned to look me squarely in the eye and said, "It really isn't that bad. Inside, I am still 21. But then, my body reminds me periodically that it is not. I try to let my mind win whenever possible." I understand perfectly now.

Eibhlín Nóinín Ní Mhurchú's picture

Beautiful , sad though that we need to be reminded for respect for those older then us . Its a pity Social Polcies don't reflect that

Andy White's picture

consider yourself coloured - me too :)

Agnes's picture

Beautifully captured, this is pretty amazing stuff! Coincidentally, it resonates with a recent piece I've written about the importance of adults engaging in conversations between their present selves and the children they once were :) If you'd like, you can read my piece here:

artcmom's picture

When you're young, you tend to just see an old person. Now, at the age of 40, I realize that there is always that part of us that no matter how old we get will always feel like that younger version of ourselves inside. What a beautiful series of photographs. Love them!!

Mindy Peach's picture

I just loved is soooo bittersweet !!

Danuta Hinc's picture

Beautiful. Made me cry.

Terry Mullin's picture

Wow!!! This is beautiful and very powerful.... !!

CindyDaryl's picture

This series of photos put a HUGE lump in my throat! Thank you for reminding all of us that we, through the grace of God, may one day be doing this same thing and now need to look at our elders with more understanding and appreciation.

Denny Bastian's picture

I love this portraiture for I could be one of those people. I am 67 and sometimes reflect back on my youth, my handsomeness, at least in my own eyes, my strong body that recovered easily from any athletic injury, and the energy I had to burn. It's not that I want to go back to do it again, not really. What it is, is the ego less pride I take in the simplest of my accomplishments, the friendships I experienced, and the all out fun I have taken part in. I know deep down inside knowing I have done the best I could do throughout and my oh my what a ride it has been. It's nowhere near over for me now, but when I'm done with this world and move to the next level whatever that is, I know the mark I leave behind will not be any more significant than the tiny dent of the Monarch butterfly when it dies in the far off Brazilian rainforest, for I am no Mahatma Ghandi, Frank Sinatra, or Bill Gates, never-the-less so shall I leave mine. What a joyful life this is.

Katrina Tracy Smith's picture

I LOVE these!!! Love this idea!

Steven's picture

Really beautiful - we sometimes forget what our elders have done, while we are in the flower of our youth.

Shaye McDermott's picture

What a great project. Reminds us 'youngsters' that our seniors were 'real people' with lives and careers and are still 'people'! I work with seniors in San Diego, I think I'll try to find a photographer and do a similar project with pictures from their pasts.

Jason Pelker's picture

I cry

grace martin's picture

What a lovely inspiration!!! I loved the TV series 'Cold Case' because you would see a reflection of the people involved when they were younger... but I just luv how you have captured their reflections here in this exhibition..... truly beautiful!!! - ginnawarra

Mulan's picture

Very beautiful and tastefully done. It put a smile on my face.

akphoto's picture

Beautiful idea of graceful celebration of the elderly, very good lighting.

Carol Curry Hutton's picture

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your vision.

Holly Bonasera's picture

These pictures are beautiful and poignant. Someday we will all be looking out of that mirror at ourselves.

Traci Bray's picture

This brought tears to my eyes. I work with kids and I am always telling them that our minds don't change that much as we age. The people they see aren't old, they are no different then them or their friends. They are people.

Denniswingo's picture

Well done!

M.Smart's picture

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I've always wished to have my hands photographed doing the things a mother does. Now my teens are rarely home and my hands are stiller than before. I miss them.

Sheri Fitzgerald's picture

This is an absolutely fabulous series that with the blink of a camera's shutter puts into perspective the whole story of these once revered heroes who's status has been relegated to that of a no longer useful person in our society. And that breaks my heart, because without them we wouldn't HAVE the society we do.

Kathy Doubleu's picture

SO IMPREESIVE! LOVE IT! This would make a great gift for a loved one

TonyandCassandra Wilds's picture

I absolutely love this!!!!!

Gil Barrientos's picture

Moving reflections of a past!

disqus_5kx1qOK43U's picture

As we age, we still feel our younger selves in our hearts. It is lovely to see this in a way that allows those we know to see it also.

Emily Wall's picture

what a wonderful idea!

Kerry Mitchell's picture

wow soo moving

Rene's picture

These are so wonderful. If this was physically possible, we would all want to have mirrors throughout the whole house. I especially love the ones where the people are smiling back at the younger selves, not feeling angst and pain at not being young, just remembering a good time in their lives. Beautiful.

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